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Unlock the power of Instagram. Find any user ID with ease using Find Instagram User ID and take your insights to the next level.

Your Instagram User ID is a unique identifier assigned to your account by Instagram. It is a numerical value that can identify your account on the Instagram platform. Media Mister’s new and exclusive Find Instagram User ID tool makes it quick and easy to find the user ID of any active Instagram account. All you need to do is enter the username of a valid Instagram profile, and we’ll instantly provide you with the account’s unique User ID number.

With no account necessary, nothing purchase required, and no personal information needed, it offers the insights you need to support your Instagram strategy. Try our free Instagram User ID finder today, or reach out to a member of the team at Media Mister anytime for more information.

What is an Instagram User ID, and Why Do You Need to Find it?

You may be wondering why you would need to find your User ID on Instagram or search for the ID number of another Instagram user. There are several reasons why you may need to know your Instagram User ID; some include the following:

  • API Integration: If you're a developer building an application that integrates with Instagram's API, you may need to utilize your User ID to authenticate your requests and access certain data.
  • Analytics and Tracking: If you're tracking your Instagram account's performance (or any other account) using a third-party analytics tool, it may require your User ID to connect your account and access data, such as follower counts and engagement rates.
  • Embedding Instagram Content: If you're embedding Instagram content into your website or blog, you may need to use your User ID to generate an access token that allows you to display content from your account.

By using Media Mister’s new Instagram User ID finder, you can access invaluable information that is not available on the Instagram platform. With a User ID, you can identify who an account belongs to, the type of content they publish, how many followers they have, the number of people they follow, how many photos they have published on the platform, and more. Available 100% free of charge and with no strings attached – try it now!

How Does Our Find Instagram User ID Tool Work?

Our free tool provides a fast and simple way to find the unique numeric User ID of any Instagram user. With nothing to pay and no strings attached, our tool can be used from any location with no software downloads or plugins required. Here’s a brief overview of how our Find User ID for Instagram works:

  •  ‘Enter an Instagram Username’  in the box at the top of the screen

  • Check the  ‘I’m Not a Robot’  CAPTCHA box below

  • Click the  ‘Find User ID’  button, and we’ll process your request

A few seconds later, you’ll see the unique User ID associated with the Instagram username you entered in the box. You can then copy and paste this unique ID into the third-party analytics tool you use or save a copy of it for future reference. This service is offered 100% free of charge, and you can enter the username of up to 10 different users per day.

Benefits of Using Our Find Instagram User ID

When you know your Instagram User ID (or the ID of any Instagram user), you can access invaluable data to support your content strategy. You can monitor your own performance, keep an eye on your competitors, or simply satisfy your curiosity. At Media Mister, we’ve created this tool to simplify the process of finding any User ID on Instagram. Here are just a few of the benefits of using our new service:

Quick and Easy

The only step you need to take to find the unique ID of any Instagram user is to enter their username in the box on the screen. We’ll then conduct a real-time search to validate the username you entered and show you their numerical User ID, all within a few seconds.

Get Accurate Data

Our systems are engineered to examine Instagram in real-time, which means the information you receive will be 100% accurate. Some third-party tools provide outdated information, but Media Mister guarantees accurate insights in real time.

No Login Required

You will not need to log in or download any software to use our tool. No plugins or accounts are required – our services are completely browser-based for maximum convenience. Simply paste the username you are searching for in the box on the screen, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Safe and Secure

All searches performed by our tool are 100% anonymous, ensuring total discretion and privacy. We will not ask you to provide any of your personal information to use our service, and the users you search for will not know you have checked their User ID information.

Free to Use

When we say our service is completely free of charge, we mean it. You can perform up to 10 searches per day without paying a cent and without signing into an account. Why pay for third-party tools when you can use Media Mister’s for free?

No Ads

No matter how many times you use our service, we guarantee you will not be disturbed by annoying ads or pop-ups. Our service is not ad-supported and can be used without providing any of your own information, so you don’t have to worry about bothersome marketing.

Compatible with Most Devices and Browsers

Media Mister’s free Instagram User ID Finder is accessible from the vast majority of devices that run the most popular browsers. This includes smartphones and tablets running Android or iOS. Just head to the Media Mister website and enter a valid Instagram username.

Saves You Time

Lastly, our free tool is truly the fastest and easiest way to find any current Instagram User ID in real-time. Each search takes just seconds to perform, and we guarantee the information provided to you will be accurate and up-to-date.


Identifying your Instagram user ID has many benefits. It allows you to easily share your profile with others, create custom links to your profile, and track performance and analytics. Knowing your user ID also helps you identify and remove fake accounts, as well as protect your account from being hacked or compromised. Additionally, it can be used to help you find and connect with other Instagram users.

Media Mister’s new User ID Finder is a simple and easy tool to use when searching for the User ID of any valid Instagram profile. Whether tracking your own performance or looking to keep a closer eye on the competition, there’s no better way to locate the User IDs you need – try it now!

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