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Student Scholarship

MediaMister $1000 Student Scholarship

We would like to be a part of the educational life of students, and that's why we are providing $1000 scholarship program every year for the students who meets our eligibility criteria. We are offering this scholarship for every year.

Scholarship Winner

2018 Winner: Chris Francis, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

Everything was verified as 100% accurate and he has been awarded $1000.


Eligibility Criteria:

The student must meet the following eligibility requirements to apply for the scholarship.

  • The student should be studying in disciplines such as health care, engineering, and related academic programs.
  • The student should have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • The student should have completed 18 years at the time of scholarship distribution.
  • The student should be a United States or Canadian citizen and should be currently living in the USA or Canada.
  • The student should have at least 70% of attendance.
  • The student should be a regular graduate from an affiliated university and shouldn't have a gap of more than two consecutive years.

Qualities We Are Looking For:


Application Process:

Applying for this scholarship program is very simple. Just write an essay of 350 - 500 words and submit it along with your Identity proof and necessary documents to scholarship@mediamister.com.

  • The essay topic must be related to the social media and social media promotion.
  • The passages should be short and crispy.
  • The core concept of the essay should be very clear and easy to understand.
  • You should attach a simple video containing the details of your previous projects and achievements.
  • You should also attach a video which has the details of your faculty people who are recommending you for this scholarship.

The last date for submitting your essays for Scholarship is December 31, 2019,

Selection Process:

Our selection team will verify all the submitted essays, and we will display the winner list after 15 days from the submission deadline.

Note: Our selection team has certain criteria's such as the creativity, grammar, way of explanation and clarity for the selection process. Hence the decision of our team will be the final result, and it cannot be changed under any circumstances.