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Looking to make it as easy as possible for people to find your videos on YouTube? A quick and convenient way to find the best tags for every video you publish? If so, Media Mister’s all-new YouTube tags generator has you and your channel covered! Simply enter one or more keywords in our free online tag generator, and we’ll do the rest – no logins or downloads required!

Ideal for YouTube video creators from all backgrounds, our intuitive tool simplifies the process of finding useful and relevant video tags. If you’re not already using YouTube tags to their full potential, you could be losing ground to the competition.

What’s the Deal with YouTube Tags?

YouTube tags are the keywords you add to your content to make it easier for viewers to find when they search for topics or trends of interest to them. Additionally, they can help YouTube’s algorithm suggest your content to viewers who may be interested in it. Adding the right tags to your videos can and will get them seen by more viewers.

The more relevant tags you use, the more likely it is that your videos will be seen by more people. Not to mention, the higher you stand to rank in the YouTube search results.Whether you have a huge library of content or just a handful of videos published, our YouTube tags generator will help ensure they’re found and watched by the right people.

How to Use Media Mister's YouTube Tags Generator?

We’ve engineered our innovative online tool to make it as quick and easy as possible to find the perfect tags for your video. There are no logins or software downloads required, and all searches are conducted 100% anonymously. Here’s how it works:

  • Enter one or more keywords under the  “Enter Keywords”  box on the screen

  • Tick the  “I’m not a robot”  CAPTCHA box below

  • Hit the  “Generate Tags”  button, and we’ll get to work

You’ll then be provided with a detailed list of relevant tags for your videos, with the option of copying as many as you like to be used in your content. Remember that the more relevant your tags are, the easier it becomes for people to find your videos.

All searches take place in real-time, so you know the results you receive will be accurate. Conduct as many subsequent searches as you like, 100% free of charge, until you find the perfect combination of tags to get your videos seen.

Features and Benefits of Using Our YouTube Tags Generator

Tags on YouTube play a vital role in reaching and engaging your target audience. Irrespective of the type of content you publish, you need to include the right tags with every video you publish. Here are just a few of the benefits of using our YouTube tags generator tool to pinpoint your perfect video tags:

Minimize Time

Our tag generator for YouTube presents a list of relevant and useful tags practically instantaneously. Rather than spending time brainstorming your own video tags, you can simply let out tool give you all the suggestions you need in seconds.

Completely Free to Use

There is nothing to pay at any time to use our free tags generator.No account necessary, and no logins are needed, and no additional software – no hidden catch. Simply enter the keywords you would like to base your video tags on, and we’ll take care of the rest – 100% free of charge.

Provide Trending and Popular Tags

Our algorithm examines what’s happening on YouTube in real-time, enabling us to recommend popular and trending tags that get your videos noticed. If you want to stay on top of all the latest trends and viral content in your niche, our tags generator comes highly recommended.

Relevant Tags to the Keywords

The only tags that are worth adding to your video are those that are genuinely relevant to the content itself. When you enter keywords into our tag generator tool, you’ll be returned exclusively with tags of direct relevance and value to your chosen keywords.

No Ads

Not only is our YouTube tags generator free of charge, but it’s also 100% ad-free. No annoying pop-ups or interstitials to worry about, and no marketing materials flooding your inbox.No strings attached whatsoever, just a quick and easy way to find the YouTube tags you need.

User-Friendly Interface

Our tool is designed to be as easy as possible to use for newcomers and experienced creators alike. All you need to do is enter the keywords you would like to base your tags on and hit the button below. You’ll then be able to copy as many of our suggested tags as you like at the touch of a button.

100% Safe to Use

With a strong focus on privacy and anonymity, our exclusive YouTube tag generator is 100% safe to use. All searches are conducted anonymously – no private information is needed, and no software downloads. Our service is browser-based, meaning it can be accessed safely and securely from almost any connected device.

Tips for Generating Effective YouTube Tags

YouTube SEO begins and ends with coming up with the right keywords to base your tags on. Every target keyword you use is assessed by YouTube’s algorithm and helps determine where your video ranks in the search results.Here’s what you need to be doing to increase your video’s exposure by choosing the right tags for your content:

Keyword Research

Your tags should always be based on keywords that will pull in traffic based on relevant searches. For example, if you're posting a video about baking a cake, relevant keywords might include "baking," "cake," "recipe," "dessert," and so on. Use Keyword research tools, and they can help you identify popular keywords and phrases related to your niche.

Research Competitors

Start by identifying other channels in your niche or industry that are similar to yours. Look for channels that have a similar target audience and similar types of content. Once you've identified your competitors, analyze their videos. Look at the tags they're using and try to identify any patterns or themes. Look for tags that seem to be used consistently across multiple videos.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are more specific and less competitive than shorter keywords. For example, if you have a yoga video about shoulder stretches, you could use keywords like “shoulder stretches for yoga,” “yoga shoulder stretches,” etc. Mixing it up and getting creative here can make a real difference.

Include Specific and Broad Tags

It is a good idea to use both specific and broad tags on YouTube. Specific tags will help your video to be found more easily by those who are looking for content related to the exact topic of your video. Broad tags will help your video to be found by those who are looking for content related to a wider range of topics. Don't exclusively use broad, general tags like "food" or "cooking," but add more specific tags to the mix instead, like "easy baking tips," "birthday cake decorating," or "fast chocolate cake recipe."

Use Variations and Alternatives

Lastly, think of other search terms that viewers may use when looking for content similar to yours. For example, if you have a video about camping, you may use tags such as “camping trips,” “outdoor activities,” and “national parks.” This will help viewers who are looking for related content find your video and could also give you an edge over rival creators.


YouTube tags play a crucial role in helping your videos get discovered by both YouTube's algorithm and potential viewers. By using relevant, specific, and accurate tags, you can increase the visibility of your content and attract more views, subscribers, and engagement to your channel.By using relevant tags that accurately describe your video's content, you increase the chances of your video appearing prominently via YouTube’s search engine.

This can help increase your visibility and drive more traffic to the rest of your content. Descriptive and accurate tags can significantly boost the chances of your video being seen by the right people and gaining more views and subscribers.Our free YouTube tag generator makes it quick and easy to find relevant and trending tags for all types of content on YouTube – 100% free of charge and with no strings attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Tags Are Allowed On YouTube?

    YouTube allows you to use as many tags as you like as long as the total character limit across all tags is less than 400 characters. A good rule of thumb is to use three to five hashtags in the description of your video. It’s also worth noting how YouTube recently stated that if any video contains more than 15 tags, it will ignore all of them.
  • Should I Use the Same Tags For Every Video?

    No, it is best to use different tags for each video you post on YouTube. This will help ensure that your videos will be seen by the right people and that they are properly indexed by YouTube's search engine. That is unless you produce multiple videos with near-identical content, in which case they will need to be fairly similar.
  • Are There Any Limitations to the Tag I Can Generate by Using this Tool?

    Yes, there are limitations on the number of videos that can be downloaded using the tool. Our tool can be used to generate relevant tags for up to 10 YouTube videos each day.
  • Can YouTube Tags Impact My Video's Watch Time and Engagement Metrics?

    Yes, YouTube tags can have a significant impact on your video's watch time and engagement metrics. YouTube tags help categorize your video, making it easier for viewers to find it. By using popular, relevant tags, you can increase the visibility of your videos and increase watch time and engagement.
  • Is It Necessary To Use Specific Keywords In YouTube Tags?

    Yes, it is. Using specific keywords in your YouTube tags can help make your videos more discoverable in search results. Additionally, tagging your videos with relevant keywords can help viewers find other related content that they may be interested in.
  • Can I Use a YouTube Tags Generator for Older Videos?

    Yes, you can add tags to older videos at any time on YouTube to give them a boost. To do so, open the video on YouTube and click the "Edit" button. This will open a page where you can add or remove tags. When you're finished, click the "Save" button to save your changes.
  • How Are YouTube Tags Different From Hashtags?

    YouTube tags are specific keywords that help viewers find videos on YouTube. They are different from hashtags, which are used on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to categorize posts and create conversations around particular topics. Hashtags are not used on YouTube in the same way they are elsewhere.

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