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Why Buy Facebook Page Verification?

Almost everyone today uses Facebook to connect with their friends, relatives, associates and others. However, the problem with this social networking site is that anybody can set up an account or Fan page with Facebook and use a name of their choice and fantasies. Further, these users tend to use celebrity images or images of any other person instead of their own for opening their accounts and posting messages and updates as that particular individual.

This clearly results in identity theft and in order to avoid this particular issue and to help people open a much more secured account, Facebook has launched the Facebook page verification feature for profiles and pages. These verification features and measures have been designed to help businesses and people protect their identity and identify whether they are engaging with the right person or company or not.

Very similar to Twitter verification feature, this particular feature gives additional authenticity to an user’s account. As part of this feature, an authentic Facebook user’s account would feature a small sized blue coloured checkmark (blue tick), which indicates whether a business or person is actually the legitimate holder of the account or not. This particular mark appears on the Facebook page itself, apart from the search results and all through the Facebook site.

The Relevance Of Buying Facebook Page Verification

Once you scroll through the Facebook help centre, you would find how a verified page or profile looks like. While, the social networking site has not yet revealed what is the verification procedure like, it clearly is time-consuming. So to save your time, we at Media Mister are offering Facebook Page Verification services. The following are the reasons why businesses should consider buying Facebook verification services from us:

  • Allows businesses to establish trust with their existing and potential customers, which eventually impacts their sales in a positive way.
  • Helps companies strengthen their brand and engage with genuine and right set of people.
  • Users should get their Facebook account or fan page verified as there have been several instances of fake Facebook accounts and page being set up in the past.

Given that the verification procedure is lengthy, users must identify efficient and easier ways to verify Facebook account and Fan page. Thus, businesses and individuals can turn to Facebook verification service providers and get the blue tick on their Fan page easily. Buy Facebook verification from us and we will help you verify your account instantly. Having Facebook fans will be much easier once you have verified your account.

How Can Facebook Page Verification Help Your Business?

There are multiple advantages of getting your Facebook fan page or account verified. The biggest advantage, however, is that you get to attract and associate with genuine Facebook fans. Once your page has become popular, you will get an opportunity to bring in additional Facebook fans and followers, which is precisely why you had set up your company’s Facebook page for.

Enhancing Online Presence

When you buy Facebook page verification from us, we will ensure that your website gets ranked on search engines. Thus, when you choose our verification services, in addition to other services, we will ensure that your site attains top ranking on search engines. Also, your online presence will increase automatically when you have many people searching and liking your page, products and services.

With your Facebook page attaining top ranks on the search engine, it will automatically help you attract additional visitors. Once you have many visitors following your page, you will get better option to promote and advertise your products and services and thereby increase your sales and overall business.

Why Choose Us?

The Facebook verification procedure makes it convenient for users to identify authentic accounts and business pages. The verification blue tick allows users to establish authenticity and determine that the account is verified and authorized by Facebook. This helps users to keep fraudulent and fake sites at bay. Get in touch with us and purchase Facebook page verification services and make the most of the privileges and benefits offered by us.

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