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Buying organic Shopee live views from Media Mister is simple. Select a package, enter the details, and we’ll deliver your order within the promised delivery time.

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Buy Shopee Live Views

Stand out from your competition and gain more traffic when you buy Shopee live views. Since 2015, Shopee has been one of the most popular online marketplaces in South Asia.

People all across the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam have access to this popular, affordable marketplace. In fact, it only took 4 years for Shopee to establish itself as the second-largest online marketplace in South Asia.

The fact that Shopee is doing so well is great for online sellers like yourself. Every month sellers are able to market their products to around 147 million potential buyers. However, this only works to your advantage if those potential buyers take an interest in you.

It's very easy for sellers to lose their customers to their competitors. That's why it's important to use the Shopee live features to keep attention and bring in traffic.

Our services allow you to buy live videos views. We help you gain the traction that you need to begin bringing in additional viewers that turn into buyers. So, what are you waiting for? Buy your views now to help your shopee live streams grow and become more successful.

buy shopee live stream views

Why Do You Need Shopee Live Streaming?

As we stated before, Shopee often receives over 100 million people every month. If you only count the people who access Shopee by using the Shopee app, you still have the opportunity to reach around 80 million potential buyers.

With all of these site visits every month, it seems logical that your products could be viewed by millions of people. The problem is that there are many sellers on the platform, likely selling products that are very similar to yours.

So, you need a way to grab your potential customer’s attention before they decide to buy from a different Shopee seller. That's why shopee live streaming is so important for your success on the platform.

With better streaming and increased traffic, you can expect:

Increased Sales

People often make instant buying decisions based on a product's cover image. Live streaming gives potential customers a video, which is even better for appealing to their visual senses.

Live videos also give you the ability to show potential customers how your product actually works. You're able to highlight details that you may have forgotten to add to the product description.

In fact, some statistics have shown that sellers on the platform who use live selling are able to increase their number of sales by up to 75%.

Increased Brand Awareness

The shopee live feature gives you the ability to increase awareness of your products. It gives people more to look at than just a stagnant cover image. People are drawn to videos, that is one reason shopping channels tend to do very well. People want to see the product and interact with either the product or the Shopee Seller.

When you create a shopping live video where customers can chat with you it helps them build a connection to you and your products. This is important because people often buy due to emotions. By raising awareness of your product through your live stream videos, you'll be able to build relationships with new and old customers.

Opportunity to Offer Products Directly

During your live stream, you're able to show your customers a wide variety of your products and then offer them directly. Just a moment ago we used the example of a shopping channel. Shopee live gives you the ability to create your very own shopping channel that exclusively offers your featured products to potential clients.

By taking advantage of the live streaming feature, Shopee sellers can interact with buyers in real-time and find opportunities to offer them new products.

Chance to Offer Discounts and Vouchers

The Shopee live stream feature also gives Shopee sellers the option of offering discounts and vouchers. With available vouchers, hesitant buyers are more easily convinced to give your products a try.

During the live stream, you can mention that you are offering a limited discount on certain items. This can also help buyers who are watching the live stream to begin a conversation with you. All of this will help you increase your live views and, in turn, your sales.

buy shopee live viewers

How Many Shopee Live Stream Viewers Do You Need?

Before purchasing Media Mister Shopee live stream viewers, you need to decide how many extra viewers you need to be directed to your live stream page.

Depending on how engaged your potential buyers are, you may not need very many extra views to start seeing an increase in sales. However, if you want fast growth and the ability to reach a wide range of potential customers, it's best to buy the largest amount of Shopee live views that Media Mister offers.

Here are the packages we offer when you buy shopping live stream views…

  • 50 Shopee Live Views
  • 100 Shopee Live Views
  • 250 Shopee Live Views
  • 500 Shopee Live Views
  • 1000 Shopee Live Views
  • 2500 Shopee Live Views
  • 5000 Shopee Live Views

Buy Your Shopee Live Stream Viewers Today

When you buy Shopee live stream viewers from Media Mister, Shopee buyers will be even more drawn to your livestream page. This will significantly increase the success of your live streaming, as well as give you the ability to reach more people who would have otherwise never noticed you.

Media Mister is your trusted shopee live views seller. When you purchase our shopee live views, we will guide people to your Shopee live stream. Once they are there, it will be up to you to maintain a good internet connection for quality and keep them there with well-planned content and customer-seller interaction.

Buy your Shopee live stream views today and watch your sales grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can You Actually Buy Live Views?

    Yes! You can buy Shopee live stream views from Media Mister.When you buy shopee livestream views you will get a set number of real shopee customers directed to your live stream.
    We don't use bots. In fact, each one of the Shopee live stream views you pay for will be a real person interested in buying products.
  • How Much Does it Cost to Buy Live Views?

    The cost will depends on how many Shopee live views you want to purchase. The smallest Shopee live views package that Media Mister offers costs (amount). The largest Shopee live views package that Media Mister offers costs (amount).
    If you have a small budget or just want to try out our services, then we suggest buying the "50 Shopee Live Views" package. Once you have seen the results of our services, you can always come back and purchase a larger quantity.
  • Is It Safe to Buy Live Views?

    It is completely safe to buy live views. Buying live views won't hurt your chances of being found organically by buyers browsing through Shopee. It also won't get you into trouble with the Shopee team.
    Buying Shopee live stream views is actually very similar to how advertising works. The big difference is that traditional advertising isn't nearly as effective as hiring a company like Media Mister to guide potential buyers to your live stream.
    You just have to make sure that once we have directed viewers to your live stream that your content is both engaging and valuable.
  • Can't I Get Live Views Without Media Mister's Services?

    You might be wondering if buying shopping live views from Media Mister is worth the cost. After all, your goal is to save as much money as possible, especially if you're just starting out.
    It is possible to grow your Shopee live views organically. However, you would have to do a lot of extra work to get a fraction of the views that Media Mister can provide instantly.
    You would need to run ad campaigns and build several social media pages, build a sizable email list, and even more. If you do all of that yourself, you'll be losing hours every day. If you hire someone to do it for you, you'll be paying much more than what you would have to pay for our services.
    When you buy live views from Media Mister, you'll be able to gain hundreds or thousands of new followers very quickly. In turn, this volume will help attract viewers and increase sales.
  • Is Buying Live Shopee Views Legal?

    Buying Shopee live views is completely legal.
    We don't use bots or spam accounts to increase your Shopee live stream views. Instead, we help hundreds of real, active Shopee customers find your live stream. This method is legal and doesn't go against any rules or regulations put forth by the Shopee platform.
  • Why does my shopee Live Stream terminate?

    It may be due to inappropriate content posted by the host. Sometimes A Shopee admin can decide to terminate the live stream if a serious violation is found.

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  • Without Media Mister's support, it would be a difficult task for me. Because I have bought Shopee live views here, I noticed a positive impact on my videos. Thanks!
  • I purchased 1,000 Shopee Livestream views from Media Mister, and it performs well. The views are delivered very fast. Excellent job.
  • I highly recommend Media Mister. I got my Shopee Livestream views at a reasonable price and their customer support is very responsive. Also, I'm satisfied with the views I got received. Cheers!
  • The customer service of Media Mister responded very quickly during my order. And I received my Shopee Livestream Views in a short time frame. Many thanks!
  • I just wanted to thank you for the 1,000 Shopee Livestream views received from you. The views were delivered very quickly and I'm also impressed with your customer support.
  • Thank you for delivering my order on time. It saves me a lot of time and energy. I was impressed with your views because they were from real accounts.
  • I'm so glad I found your website. The prices are great, and the quality of the service was awesome. MediaMaster for the win! Thanks!

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