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Let your app conquer the Apple store by purchasing authentic and organic IOS app reviews. They will help increase the app’s downloads and improve its credibility.

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Buy iOS App Reviews

For many app developers, the hardest part of being successful is not so much making a great app, but getting the app downloads that they need. One of the best ways to boost app popularity is to get real users to leave a positive review. The more positive reviews you can get, the more likely that people will download your application from the app market.

While most developers hope that their app gets really popular on the Apple store on its own, that is rarely the case. You need to come up with a good strategy for app promotion. A good app promotion strategy will include many different things including advertising, getting real reviews, getting downloads from the app store, and much more.

If you want to push your effort forward and get numerous positive reviews fast, the best option is to buy ios app reviews. When you buy app store reviews, you will start to build your app ratings faster than would otherwise be possible.

Here at Media Mister, we have helped thousands of people get great app store reviews, and even Google play reviews. Learn more about how our services can help you with app store optimization so you can boost your success fast.

What is Buying iOS Reviews?

Buying ios reviews is exactly what it sounds like. You pay a set price to have real users leave a review on your apps. Since you are paying for this service, you can be confident that these will all be positive reviews that will help your overall Apple app store rankings.

buy ios reviews

High Professional Reviewers

Whenever you buy reviews for any type of platform, you want to make sure that the quality is high. People can often spot fake reviews on an app, which will actually turn them off from downloading it. You don't just want more reviews, you want detailed reviews that are very positive and that sound authentic.

Here at Media Mister, we make sure that every review that is left sounds great and will help to improve your app's rating on the store. While we never sacrifice on quality, we always make sure that we can provide these quality reviews at affordable prices. So, if you want to boost your star ratings for your app, we are here for you. Never sacrifice on quality, make sure to work with our professional reviewers whose reviews influence people to download your app.

Buy App Installs

When you buy the reviews for your app, you will also be getting app installs. The number of downloads that you get is very important for boosting your mobile apps. By buying reviews, you will also be getting more people to download you app, which is critical. These app installs will come with positive comments in the form of a review, which is exactly what you want.

Each install you get will have great star ratings that will come from more than one operating system as well, which adds to the authenticity. This is all a much better way to boost your search optimization in the app store than most other types of companies offer.

Reviews for the iOS Application

Our team has worked hard to come up with the best way to provide high ratings to our customers so that they can build a major app store presence that will last for years.

buy app reviews ios

Why Buy iOS App Reviews?

There are many reasons why people want to buy app reviews. The first is because it will serve as social proof to other people that your app is good and that they should give it a try. Most people are hesitant to buy an app on the iOS app store if it does not have positive reviews from other people.

When someone looks in the search results on the Apple app store, they will scroll right by your app if they see that nobody else has left a review, or worse, if there are negative reviews on your app.

When you add an iOS app review to your application, people will see that it is ranked well and be much more willing to give it a try. This is often done as a part of a larger app promotion campaign that will drive traffic to your page on the apps store. This way you will get both paid app reviews and natural app reviews, which should give you the results you are looking for.

Another reason that people buy app store reviews is because they want to sell the rights to their app. When someone is looking to buy an app, they are going to want to see positive reviews already in place. This will help to show that the app is successful. Of course, getting numerous positive reviews is not always easy, which is why people buy app reviews.

buy app store reviews ios

Are These Fake Reviews?

This is not as straightforward of a question as you might think. When you buy app reviews, some people may think that they are fake. The reality is, however, that these reviews come from real users and will help you to show up in the search results much more quickly. From that point of view, this type of app review is very real and beneficial.

What About Negative Reviews?

Negative reviews can really hurt your app ratings. While no popular app is going to be able to maintain a 100% positive level in the iOS app ratings, it is important to do everything you can to keep your rankings high. A good app review that comes with 5 star ratings can go a long way toward offsetting any type of unwanted review that was left by a user.

Improve App Ranking Fast

When you want to improve the ranking of iOS apps fast, there really is no better option than paying for the review. This is because you can get relevant reviews from more users than would otherwise be possible. As you get more users to review your app positively, new users will begin to see your app in a favorable light. This will help to get the process of boosting downloads, traffic and improves search optimization for your app moving forward fast.

Boosting Android Rankings

If you have released both an iOS and an android app, you may want to look into getting reviews for both. the Apple app store and the Google Play store are two separate environments, but they can have an impact on each other. For example, if your app becomes popular in the Google Play store, more people will hear about it, even if they are Apple users. This is why it can be helpful to buy android reviews as well as an iOS review.

Are You Ready to Buy iOS App Reviews?

Now that you have a good understanding of how this process works, you can begin to plan out your review buying strategy. Whether you want to do a one-time purchase, or you want to keep adding reviews over time, Media Mister is here to help.

Our team is here to answer any further questions you have and provide you with the service you need. Please make your order today and see just how successful this type of process can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

People often have questions about buying iOS app reviews. The following are some of the most common questions, and simple answers to help get you started.

  • Can You Buy iOS App reviews?

    Yes. You can buy iOS reviews quickly and easily when you get it with Media Mister. We will provide the app rating you want and the positive app reviews you need to get your app ranking bumped up to the level you want it. With just a few clicks, you will get the positive feedback you need to succeed.
  • How Much Does it Cost to Buy Reviews on iOS App?

    The prices for our iOS app reviews service will depend on a number of factors including how many reviews you need, and whether you want random reviews or custom reviews. The following are options for our most popular packages:
    For Radom iOS App Reviews:
    5 iOS App Reviews Delivered in 1-2 Days - $20
    10 iOS App Reviews Delivered in 1-2 Days - $39
    25 iOS App Reviews Delivered in 1-2 Days - $97
    50 iOS App Reviews Delivered in 1-3 Days - $189
    100 iOS App Reviews Delivered in 2-4 Days - $375
    For Custom App Store Reviews:
    5 App Store Reviews Delivered in 1-2 Days - $25
    10 App Store Reviews Delivered in 1-2 Days - $49
    25 App Store Reviews Delivered in 1-3 Days - $120
    50 App Store Reviews Delivered in 1-3 Days - $235
    100 App Store Reviews Delivered in 2-4 Days - $465
  • What is the Difference Between Random Reviews and Custom Reviews?

    We offer two main types of reviews for your iOS app. The random reviews are much simpler, which is why they are less expensive. These reviews are generally more generic and will include information that could apply to almost any app. While they will still come with 5-star reviews, they are not customized to mention specific things about your app.
    If you opt for the custom app store reviews, you will have a professional reviewer writing specifically about your app. We will learn about what your app is, how it works, and much more. From there, we will create customized reviews that will clearly be about your app. This gives a much more authentic and helpful review that users will be happy to read.
  • Is it Safe to Buy iOS App Reviews?

    Yes, while Apple does not want people buying app reviews, it is actually a safe practice that has been done by thousands of people. You can get the iOS reviews you need from real users so that there is no risk to your app or account. Media Mister takes precautions to ensure you get the iOS app reviews you need in a way that is safe and secure.
  • Can You Buy Genuine Reviews?

    Yes. The reviews that we offer will be posted through authentic accounts and will show up on your app pages without trouble. Once these reviews are posted, new users who are looking for apps like yours will see the positive reviews listed and available to read. There is no difference between the reviews that we sell and those that you will get from other users, so you can be confident that they will help your app to perform better now and for years to come.
  • Can You Overcome Bad Reviews?

    If you had issues with your app when it was first released and you got some negative reviews, it can be difficult to overcome that obstacle. Once you have made the necessary changes or improvements to your app, you can get started working on overcoming those bad reviews.
    Many people have found that paying for reviews is the fastest and easiest way to get past unwanted reviews. This is because the 5-star reviews will begin to outnumber the bad ones and drive the average ranking up. In addition, since the positive reviews will be newer, they will generally be displayed toward the top of the list so more people will see them.
  • Why Choose Media Mister for iOS App Reviews?

    Media Mister has been helping people get iOS app reviews for years and has an excellent reputation. We also allow people to buy a variety of different types of social media likes, followers, reviews, and much more. When it comes to building up your online reputation, you simply won't find a more experienced and helpful service.
  • What Other Services Does Media Mister Offer?

    In addition to iOS app store reviews, we also have a large number of other services. Our services are mostly focused on helping you to build up your reputation in a variety of different ways.
    To start with, we can provide you with likes, followers, reviews, and other things on almost any social media account you may have. Many app developers, for example, will pay for app reviews while at the same time ordering a large number of subscribers on their YouTube channel. This helps to build their reputation across multiple platforms.
    Whether you want to boost your media presence just on the app store or you also want to use our services on other platforms, we are here for you. We can help with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, the Google Play store, and much more.
    Browse through our site to get a full list of the different services we provide.
  • Are You Ready to Buy iOS App Reviews?

    Now that you have a good understanding of how this process works, you can begin to plan out your review buying strategy. Whether you want to do a one-time purchase, or you want to keep adding reviews over time, Media Mister is here to help.
    Our team is here to answer any further questions you have and provide you with the service you need. Please make your order today and see just how successful this type of process can be.

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