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Realistically, you’d have to be living under a rock by now not to have heard of social proof. More specifically, the fact that individuals, organisations and even celebrities now regularly buy Facebook Likes to boost their profiles.

The option to buy Likes for Facebook is anything but new, having existed for several years. The ethical argument of the whole thing isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon - neither is the desire to buy Facebook Likes as an affordable and effective shortcut.

But given how the social media landscape has changed so much as of late, is it still safe or sensible to purchase Facebook Likes? Whether already running a successful Facebook fan page or starting from scratch, should you consider buying FB Likes to kick things into overdrive?

Should I buy Facebook Likes?

As with most things, the answer depends entirely on who you ask. For some, making the decision to buy Facebook Likes is an absolute no-brainer. When considering what you get out of the deal for such a cheap price, it really is the way to go.

Others, however, aren’t quite as convinced - precisely why it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Right off the bat, you need to consider the different types of Facebook Likes available. Depending on the seller you work with, you’ll find yourself looking at the following options:

  • Buy Facebook Page Likes, which can instantly boost the perceived popularity of any Facebook page in its entirety.
  • Buy Facebook Photo Likes, if you’re more interested in enhancing the appeal of one or more pictures you’ve posted online.
  • Buy Facebook Photo Likes, as a fast and affordable way to generate targeted interest in an important message published.
  • Buy Facebook Comment Likes, to enhance the impact and authority of any comments written for you or anyone else.
  • Buy Facebook Website Likes, which are known for vastly boosting the appeal of an entire website to any given target audience.

All types of Facebook Likes have their own unique points of appeal and can influence different audiences in different ways. The immediate and obvious benefit of buying any Facebook Likes being the opportunity to immediately and permanently enhance the perceived value and popularity of pretty much anything - all at an unbeatable price.

Ultimately, only you can decide whether or not buying Facebook Likes is the way to go. But in terms of influence, effectiveness and value for money, the power of social signals like these is well documented.

The Impact and Appeal of Facebook Likes

In terms of why social signals like these can be so effective, it all comes down to the way in which we are naturally influenced by the actions and recommendations of our peers. Both online and in our everyday lives, we take countless cues from those around us on a constant basis.

With social signals, the greater the approval any page or piece of content has attracted, the better. Or at least, that’s how we see it.

Think about it - two pictures on Facebook, one with 15 Likes and a second with 1.5 million Likes. Immediately and instinctively, which of the two would you assume to be ‘superior’?

Each and every social media user worldwide makes instant judgement on the basis of social signals alone.

This is precisely where the potential benefits of purchasing social signals is evident. Whether you choose to buy 100 Facebook Page Likes or 100,000 Facebook Comment Likes, doing so is all about influencing public opinion. Given the ferocious competition on major social platforms like these, you could argue that it simply makes sense to take such measures.

What’s the Story with Targeted/International Facebook Likes?

If you want your Likes to have the maximum possible impact, you should buy targeted Facebook Likes from appropriate countries. Facebook Page Likes can be bought from accounts based all over the world, including the USA, European Countries, Latin American Countries, African Countries, French Speaking Countries, Spanish Speaking Countries - anywhere of relevance to your message and your audience.

Rather than buying generic Facebook Fan Page Likes from just anywhere, why not make sure they come from Italy, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Finland, Norway, Sweden or Switzerland?

If you’re reaching out to a more exotic audience further afield, you could always buy Likes for Facebook from accounts in Djibouti, Algeria, Morocco, Cote Devour, Tunisia and other French-speaking countries.

Whether out to buy Facebook Photo Likes, Facebook Album Likes or any other Likes, they’ll count for so much more if they come from the right place.

The Safety and Security Issue

Moving onto the undeniable elephant in the room, safety and security must be carefully considered when you pay for Facebook Likes. Generally speaking, you will encounter two very different classifications of sellers when shopping for social signals online:

1. Those who sell nothing but 100% real Facebook Likes from genuine accounts

2. Those who farm social signals from fake and fraudulent Facebook accounts

Falling foul of the latter is surprisingly simple, given how most social signals look relatively similar on the surface. The problem being that where Facebook Likes (and social signals in general) are fake, they are surprisingly easy to detect.

Contrary to popular belief, purchasing social signals from 100% real, active and verified Facebook accounts is completely legal. It doesn’t even break any of the terms and conditions set out by Facebook in its user agreement.

However, the same cannot be said for fake Likes sourced from fraudulent accounts.

Staying safe is therefore relatively simple, as it all comes down to the seller you work with. Just as long as they guarantee nothing but authentic social signals from active and verified accounts, there’s really very little that can go wrong.

Why Buy Facebook Likes from Media Mister?

At Media Mister, we make it quick and easy to buy 100% authentic social signals from genuine accounts. When you buy Facebook Likes from us, you get the real thing and only the real thing.

Our most popular packages of Facebook Likes currently include the following:

  • 100 Facebook Likes delivered within three days
  • 250 Facebook Likes delivered within four days
  • 1,000 Facebook Likes delivered within eight days
  • 2,500 Facebook Likes delivered within 11 days
  • 5,000 Facebook Likes delivered within 15 days

Whether looking to buy 100, 1,000 or 10,000 Facebook Likes, out affordable packages start from as little as $3. Check out what’s on offer online, or call Media Mister anytime for more information.

Facebook Likes FAQ: Key Questions Answered

Rounding things off, here’s a brief FAQ covering some of the most important questions on the subject of Facebook Likes:

Can you buy Likes on Facebook?

Yes - buying Likes on Facebook is as easy as placing your order online, in order for your social signals to be delivered within as little as 48 hours.

Is it legal to buy Facebook Likes?

Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing illegal whatsoever about purchasing Facebook Likes - just as long as they are legit.

Where can I buy legit Facebook Likes?

Stick exclusively with trusted and recommended social media specialists like Media Mister, which guarantee 100% authentic social proof.

Is it safe to buy Facebook Likes?

Just as long as you exclusively buy 100% authentic Facebook Likes from real Facebook accounts, the answer is yes - buying social signals like these is safe.

Does buying Facebook Likes really work?

Social proof has a direct impact on perceived credibility, popularity and authority, significantly enhancing the appeal of posts, pages, pictures and more.

Buy Facebook Likes | Page, Post, Website & Comment Likes Buy Facebook Likes from us and get real, cheap and 100% guaranteed likes on Facebook. MediaMister offers Facebook Likes at affordable prices.

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