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Making the decision to buy Instagram Views isn’t always easy, given the negative press that surrounds social signals for purchase. Nevertheless, it’s worth remembering that millions of users worldwide now buy Views on Instagram on a regular basis.

Hence, if it works for everyone else, chances are it can work for you.

In any case, buying Instagram Views is about far more than just following the pack and doing like everyone else does. When you buy Views on Instagram, you give your profile and your content every opportunity to be found by others and interpreted as credible.

Whatever your objectives on the platform may be, you could find them easier to achieve if you buy Instagram Views of quality.

Why Should I Buy Instagram Views?

The main argument behind those who buy IG Views is relatively simple. Instagram currently attracts approximately 300 million unique users each month, amounting to one of the biggest global audiences of any social network. All of which also means practically insurmountable competition, which can make it extremely difficult to stand out and make your voice heard.

On one hand, you could wait (and hope) for the content you publish to attract Views organically. Alternatively, you could buy Instagram Views from a trusted seller and set the wheels in motion right now.

When you buy Views on Instagram, you immediately and permanently boost the perceived value and authority of the content you publish. As a result, those who come across your pictures, your videos and your content in general are far more likely to take them seriously.

As an added bonus, Views contribute directly to the visibility and exposure of all content on Instagram. Hence, if you want your content to be showcased to the world and shared as widely as possible, buying Instagram Views is a great place to start.

What Types of Instagram Views Work Best?

It depends entirely on your intentions, as different types of Instagram Views have different effects and points of appeal.

For example, anyone looking to make their content stand out on IGTV should buy IGTV Views at the right time. If you’re hoping to appeal to audiences in the United States, you should buy USA Instagram Views from targeted accounts. It’s also possible to buy Instagram Story Views, Instagram Live Views and so on.

Increasingly, savvy social media users are opting to buy automatic Instagram Views over the conventional variety. The difference being that when you buy automatic Instagram Views, they’re automatically added to the content you publish right after it goes live. This can be so much easier than placing individual orders for are Instagram Views each time you publish a post - the whole thing is automated for maximum convenience.

It’s simply a case of choosing the most appropriate types of Views for your content and your account, along with how many you need and when you’d like them to be delivered.

Does Buying Instagram Views Actually Work?

You really don’t need to delve too deeply into the science or the statistics to understand the effectiveness of Instagram Views. You need only consider how you yourself interpret social signals.

Think of it like this - you come across two relatively similar posts on Instagram, of which one has accumulated 20 Views and the other has 250,000 Views. Instantaneously, which of the two do you interpret as ‘superior’ to the other?

When it comes to interpretations of social signals, we’re all pretty much identical. On platforms like these where popularity is everything, more is always better. You can’t rely on Instagram Views alone, but social signals like these make a real difference when determining who stands out from the crowd.

Is it Risky to Buy Views on Instagram?

Buying Views on Instagram is only risky if you make the mistake of working with a substandard seller. If you plan to pay for social signals of any kind, you need to ensure they are 100% authentic. This means high quality Instagram Views sourced from active Instagram accounts, which in every respect appear legit and organic.

Cutting corners with cheap Views from fake and fraudulent Instagram Views could put your account at risk, so isn’t advisable.

At Media Mister, we exclusively provide 100% active and authentic Views from real Instagram accounts. Whether placing an order for a fixed number of Views or interested in our automatic Instagram Views, we guarantee nothing but the highest quality social signals money can buy.

Our most popular packages of Instagram Views currently include the following:

  • 100 Instagram Views within two working days
  • 1000 Instagram Views within two working days
  • 5000 Instagram Views within three working days
  • 25,000 Instagram Views within four working days
  • 50,000 Instagram Views within five working days
  • 100,000 Instagram Views within six working days

We can also provide targeted Instagram Video Views and Picture Views from major markets worldwide, including the United States and Arab countries. From start to finish, your safety and discretion is our number one priority - call anytime for more information.

Will Instagram Close My Account?

We’ve been doing what we do for more than a decade and we have never encountered a single issue along the way. The reason being that when you enhance and improve your Instagram account with 100% authentic social proof, it is completely undetectable from the real thing.

Hence, there is no realistic way for Instagram (or anyone else) to detect that you purchased social proof. Again, we go to extremes to guarantee complete safety and discretion for every customer across the board.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll now be taking a look at a selection of common questions on the subject of Instagram Views, with concise answers provided for each:

Is Buying Instagram Views Legal?

Absolutely - there’s nothing illegal whatsoever about buying Instagram Views, just as long as you ensure that they are sourced exclusively from active and authentic Instagram accounts.

How Can Instagram Views Get You More Followers?

Instagram Views can immediately and permanently boost the perceived value and authority of your content, generating engagement and encouraging new followers to sign up.

Can I Buy Instagram Views from A Targeted Country?

Yes - Media Mister provides Instagram Views from an extensive range of targeted countries worldwide, including but not limited to the United States, Europe and Arab countries.

Can I Buy Instagram Views Using Bitcoin or Other Crypto Currencies?

All products and packages available at Media Mister can now be paid for with Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies via coinpayments.net. Call or email anytime for more information.

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  • The views came relatively quickly. I recently ordered 1,000 views. It did not take long for me to receive them. It's hard not to be swayed by the low prices. Overall, the service is excellent.
  • I have the greatest respect for Media Mister and feel that they do quality work. I've entrusted my Instagram account to them because of this. My productivity has increased substantially since I started using their services.
  • I only tend to write reviews when I really love something. After buying 50,000 Instagram views through your service, my account has been getting a lot of engagement. Thank you for being so good at what you do.
  • I decided to split my order of 5000 active Instagram followers into three equal groups. Customer support assured me that it was fine to do so and they delivered without delay. The customer service I received was exceptional!
  • Whenever I have been in need of views, Media Mister has always delivered. My view count's rapid growth helped me achieve a good reputation in my modeling field.
  • I posted a video, which was removed a few days later. I contacted the support team explaining the situation and they were very friendly and helpful. They reshipped my views and transferred them to another one of my videos.Much thanks.
  • I am a photographer and I've been trying to widen the number of viewers for Instagram videos, but it was difficult to do. But Media Mister took my videos beyond what I had expected. Many thanks.
  • The 50,000 Instagram views that you delivered made me to write this review. You always raise the bar in terms of service compared to other sites. Absolutely fantastic.
  • I ordered the 5000 Instagram views and decided to split it according to my preference. Customer support from Media Mister helped me to customize it to my preference and they delivered without any delay.
  • My view count helped me create my reputation in a good way for my modeling field. Whenever I order the views, it never failed to get delivered with Media Mister. I strongly recommend this to anyone.
  • Once I placed the order, the video was removed from my end and did not realize that I have ordered views to it. Later, customer support from Media Mister reminded to post another video for which they transferred the views to it. I felt worth spending money on this site.
  • I am a photographer and do lot of short videos. I really struggled to get more views other than the followers I have on my profile. Media Mister is the one who took it beyond and made my videos wide spread as I have dreamed it.