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Affiliate Program

Earn 25% commission as a Media Mister Affiliate on each sale from your referred customer.

About Media Mister Affiliate Program

As an ambitious website or blog owner, you must provide quality content and value to your audience. Of course, along the way, you want to monetize your efforts. You can quickly provide value and make money online using the Media Mister Affiliate program and earn a 25% commission for each referral.

How Does the Media Mister Affiliate Program Work?

The process to become a Media Mister affiliate is quick and easy, making your path to monetization streamlined. Our affiliate program operates based on a straightforward approach; you become an affiliate, share your URL, and benefit from any referrals you make. For a deeper explanation of each operational step in the program, review the following breakdown:

sign up

Sign up as a Media Mister Affiliate

You will fill out a short affiliate application online to become a registered Media Mister Affiliate. The application is 100% free to fill out, as well as being completely safe and secure, so you never have to worry.

payment method

Set Payment Method

Payment will be made through PayPal. At the end of the online application page, you are required to provide your PayPal email.

affiliate marketing

Generate Your Custom Affiliate URL

After registering as an affiliate, you will then need the custom URL that will link referrals and customers to Media Mister. This link will create a link to your affiliate account after being clicked upon, ensuring that any sale made by that customer will earn you commission, even if the order is not placed during that browsing session.


Share Your Affiliate URL

Your affiliate URL can be used across social media platforms, shared through emails, and placed on your website or blog to drive your audience and visitors towards the Media Mister website. Income and commission from sales will occur as users migrate to Media Mister and orders are placed. The more locations and higher frequency you share your URL, the more likely you will bring in a high income.


Keep Up to Date with Affiliate Tracking

Easily keep track of your progress and success with affiliate tracking through Post Affiliate Pro. The tracking is exceptionally accurate, making it easy to judge whether you need to make changes to the way you share your affiliate link to hone your limitless earning potential as a Media Mister Affiliate.

Why Should You Join the Media Mister Affiliate Program?

Media Mister has made its name and place among social media service provides as top of the industry. It is clear why becoming a Media Mister Affiliate could be a lucrative effort leading to a seemingly endless income stream. Here are just a few of the reasons Media Mister stands out to our partners and affiliates:

ranked 1 in the industry

Ranked #1 in the Industry

Media Mister has over 50,000 satisfied customers who used our growth services to thrive. We successfully earned the trust and backing of our customers, who have seen success with our help, making Media Mister the #1 ranked growth and social media service provided in the industry.

it's free

It's Free!

This affiliate program is free from start to finish, allowing you to become a registered member and promote your link, gaining exposure and ultimately income without costing you a penny. The Media Mister Affiliate program is a profitable resource while simultaneously providing value to your audience, benefiting both parties.

long cookie duration

Long Cookie Duration

With many affiliate programs, the cookie length linking to the affiliate is short. With Media Mister, our affiliates are given a long cookie duration of three months! If a visitor clicks on your link and doesn't order at that point, any order purchased up to three months later will still give you credit.

high conversion rate

High Conversion Rate

As an affiliate, you will be promoting a service leading back to the Media Mister website with the hopes that the individual makes a purchase. Our online platform has a high conversion rate. This means that visitors are more likely to make a purchase making you more likely to profit.

Earn up to 50% Commission

Earn up to 50% Commission

The goal of a Media Mister affiliate is to promote our services and spread the word about your favorite products. We have a set system that tracks our affiliates and how successful they are with their referrals, ensuring top commissions are paid out for each client we receive.

pay per click

Timely Payouts

We ensure that all Media Mister affiliates receive timely payouts each month. Our affiliated never have to wonder when they are going to receive their money. Once you reach a minimum of $100 in commission, payouts will be sent promptly on the 15th of each month. All payments are issued in US currency.


Paid via PayPal

The payment process for our affiliates is streamlined and managed through an online transaction. All payouts are processed through the PayPal account that you provide during the application process. At this point in time, Media Mister does not support sending payments via regular checks.

best affiliate support

Best Affiliate Support

We not only believe in providing excellent support to our customers but in extending the same fantastic support to our affiliates. We provide access to accurate and advanced tools to help you thrive as an affiliate, such as tracking programs and new services, all focused on helping you be successful.

How Do I Qualify for This Program?

Our Media Mister Affiliate program only has one requirement that prospective affiliates must meet to become registered members. The only qualification needed to register as an affiliate is an active blog or website.

How Do I Become an Affiliate?

The path to becoming an affiliate is simple. With a few quick clicks, some typing, and approval, you'll be well on your way to earn money online promoting our services. To become an affiliate, follow these few steps:

sign up

Step 1:

Click the sign-up button located on the Media Mister Affiliate program page.

submit application

Step 2:

Enter all information needed and submit your application for approval. You will need identifying information and information for a PayPal account in this step.


Step 3:

You will then be notified within 24-48 hours if you have been approved or rejected.

affiliate link

Step 4:

If you are approved as an affiliate, your affiliate link will be provided. It is then up to you to share your link and drive traffic to Media Mister to start earning as our affiliate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Can I Earn as a Media Mister Affiliate?

There is no limit to the amount you can earn as an affiliate. Your earnings are based solely on how large your audience is and how extensive the reach your affiliate URL gains.

Who Can Become a Media Mister Affiliate?

Anyone with an operational blog or website is welcome to become a Media Mister Affiliate.

Can Websites Outside of the United States Become Affiliate Partners?

Yes! Websites outside of the United States are eligible to become affiliate partners.

How Do I Apply for the Program If I Have Multiple Websites?

When you sign up, you are given a personal affiliate URL. If you have multiple websites, you can share your affiliate URL after signing up once across all websites. The URL shared across your websites will link back to one affiliate account, simplifying your earnings into one location.