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buy instagram story impressions

Buy Instagram Impressions

Instagram impressions are essential for the growth of any account on this platform, especially if you consider that it has over 2 billion active users and is one of the most used social media platforms worldwide. These impressions reflect the number of times your content, such as a post, a reel, or a story, has been shown to users and can significantly influence the Instagram algorithm, leading to increased visibility and engagement for your account.

If you're struggling to accumulate a high number of impressions and reach for your posts, there's a solution: buying Instagram impressions. By purchasing impressions, you can easily and quickly increase your audience growth and reach, boosting your account's credibility and attracting new followers. So, to take your Instagram presence to the next level, consider buying Instagram impressions and watch your account's engagement and visibility soar.

buy instagram impressions cheap

Why are More Impressions Important for Your IG Posts and Stories?

Impressions play a key role in the success of an Instagram profile for multiple reasons. For starters, a high number of impressions means that your audience watches your content multiple times. This aspect is also an indicator of the quality of your content, as it may be interesting enough for other people to watch it more than once.

However, more than demonstrating that your content is good, impressions are extremely important for your Instagram posts and stories because they can help you boost your visibility and reach your target Instagram audience in different ways. As mentioned, you might be able to “influence” the algorithm and favor your account, increasing the likeliness of appearing on Instagram’s explore page.

The more impressions you have, the more successful your Instagram profile will be, and you'll be able to reach more unique Instagram users in the long run. Thus, whether you run a personal or a business account, it's essential for you to work on different ways to obtain more impressions and keep your profile current and favorable for the algorithm.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Impressions

Growing on Instagram is not easy. That’s why many people are “speeding up” the process by purchasing Instagram post impressions. You can also buy Instagram story impressions to obtain similar results. Some of the benefits that these social media services can bring to your life include the following:

Increase in Visibility

Instagram impressions can have numerous benefits for increasing your visibility on the platform. As your content receives more impressions, the platform may perceive your account as "favorable," leading to more exposure on other people's recommended profiles and the explore page. Hence, buying Instagram impressions will make it easier for your target audience to find your profile and continue expanding your organic growth. You may even increase the likeliness of having viral videos on your profile and boost your visibility in the long run.

Improve Engagement

More engagement is always good for any Instagram profile. When your impression counts increase, your content may appear "trendier" and attract more attention from users. This increased attention can lead to higher engagement, with more people interacting with your posts and leaving comments or likes. As your engagement rate grows, the platform's algorithm will take notice and recommend your content to a wider audience, helping you attract organic viewers who are likely to enjoy your content. Ultimately, buying Instagram impressions can help you expand your reach and build a more engaged audience on the platform.

Reach a Large Audience

People who use Instagram for business reasons are always looking for ways to obtain more unique visitors every month. However, not all of them know that if you buy Instagram post impressions, you can reach a large audience and grow your profile in different ways. Since your posts will have more “interactions,” your content will be recommended more easily to your specific target, allowing you to make something greater out of your business accounts. It’ll be easier for you to achieve success if you pay for Instagram impressions, as it’ll help you increase the likeliness of reaching a massive audience on Instagram.

Save Time and Effort

Besides audience interaction, another reason why it’s highly recommended to purchase Instagram impressions for both your stories and posts is that you’ll save time and effort. You won’t have to spend hours trying to come up with intricate marketing strategies to keep your audience interested in your offer. Purchasing Impressions will attract people to your post organically, and you’ll be able to gain money thanks to that in the near future. Hence, buying impressions for your Instagram account can be helpful for you in different ways, allowing you to continue expanding your business and building massive social media accounts.

Why Choose Media Mister for Buying Instagram Impressions?

We have existed for more than ten years, providing social media services to thousands of people worldwide. After a decade, we’ve built a team of professionals in social networks and have accumulated enough experience to know the best and worst practices of these platforms. Your organic growth on Instagram couldn’t be in better hands! Here are some of the reasons why our clientele trusts us and prefer to work with us:

Different Types of Instagram Impressions

We offer two types of Instagram impressions at the moment. You can combine both options or choose the one that suits you better at the moment:

Instagram Post Impressions: These impressions are directed toward your posts. Thus, these packages may boost your posts and let them reach a larger audience.

Instagram Story Impressions: Story impressions, as their name suggests, positively affect your stories and overall account. These impressions will influence your account favorably, and the algorithm may end up recommending your profile to more people. Either option is great and can bring several benefits to your Instagram account!

Impressions from Real IG Users

We focus on providing high-quality services for social media platforms, which means that all the impressions you’ll get will come from genuine accounts. We don’t use automatic tools or fake accounts to provide our packages – every impression you get will be manually delivered to ensure that your account receives the benefits that come with them.

Thus, when you choose to work with Media Mister, you can be sure that every impression and social signal you’ll get on your Instagram account will be as genuine as the real thing. No false promises here – our customers are more than satisfied with our services!

Location-Based Impressions

It’s also possible to request location-based impressions. Doing so allows you to increase your reach and overall popularity in specific parts of the world. For instance, you can choose two options at the moment, “worldwide,” which allows you to get impressions from any country and may allow you to boost your global metrics, and “USA,” which provides impressions from accounts registered and located in the United States.

In the future, we’ll put even more locations available. Either way, these two options will allow you to make your Instagram grow even further, making it easier for you to become a successful content creator or brand.

Automatic Package Option

There is an automatic package option available if you would like to continue receiving this service for a specific period. An automatic package will allow you to receive a specific number of impressions within a specified period in the number of posts you choose. Yes, that's right – you'll be able to personalize your automatic package as you think would work best for you! Our automatic package is available in different sizes and includes several options that you can choose from. Hence, you’ll be able to make the most of your order within a few clicks.

Cost-Effective Packages

Our packages are as affordable as they can be. As of now, you can choose between 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, and even 100,000 impressions, depending on what you think is best at the moment. Of course, we'll make sure that each impression you get has the highest quality possible, regardless of the size of your package. Each order is repeatable, so if you would like to obtain a specific number of impressions, you can also combine different orders. On the other hand, you can also contact us, and we might be able to arrange something special just for you!

Affordable Prices

As mentioned, our prices are very affordable. We offer cheap Instagram impressions at the highest quality, allowing you to make your Instagram account grow without necessarily spending too much money on the service. Our prices start at $2 per 100 impressions. You won't have to spend a ton of money trying to expand your Instagram account's reach and make it better for your audience. You're only a few clicks away from boosting your Instagram profile!

Refund Guarantee

We also offer a refund guarantee for all orders, no matter the package you’ve chosen. In very rare cases, Media Mister may be unable to complete your package. If that’s the case, we’ll refund the total cost of your package as soon as possible. If you notice that something is wrong with your order, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. Plus, we also offer a refill guarantee during the first 60 days after you've placed an order on our website. If your impressions decrease during this period, you'll be able to request a refund. No questions asked.

Secure Payment Gateway

Our platform is as secure as it can be – and it will always be. We aim to provide a safe website for all our users, ensuring they have a nice experience while exploring our categories and placing orders. We use SSL encryption to preserve the data you enter while you’re completing the purchase process. Plus, we’re often conducting security tests to make sure that there is little to no risk involved while placing an order with us. You can read more about how we manage your information in our privacy policy.

Live Chat Support

Lastly, you can always contact us via live chat support. Our customer support representatives are active during office hours and will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about our service, packages, and other aspects of our platform. All you have to do is click or tap (if you're on a mobile device) on the chat bubble you see on the right area of your screen!

How to Buy Instagram Impressions From Media Mister?

It’s very easy to place an order at Media Mister. Please, follow the steps written below if you’re ready to receive an impressions package from us:

  • Click on ‘Select Instagram Impressions Type’ and choose between ‘Instagram Posts’ and ‘Instagram Stories’ based on your current needs.

  • A new menu will pop up, ‘Select Instagram Impressions Package Type.’ There, you’ll have to choose between another two options, ‘One-Time Package’ and ‘Automatic Package.’

  • If you choose the One-Time package, you can skip this step. If you've chosen the Automatic package, you should also choose the number of posts, time delay, and expiry date of your package. Each field has a description so that you're informed of how it works while ordering. Now, click on ‘Select Target Country.’ Choose one of the two options, ‘Worldwide’ or ‘USA.’

  • Then, ‘Select Quantity.’ Again, you can choose between 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, and even 100,000 impressions.

  • Please copy and paste your ‘Instagram Post URL’ into the respective form. If you've chosen the automatic package, you must provide us with your ‘Instagram Profile URL.’

  • Click on ‘Buy Now,’ and the website will take you to the checkout page. There, please fill out the billing form with your payment details. Once you're ready, click on ‘Pay Securely’ to process your payment.

It won't take you more than 5 minutes to request a package on our website. Please, make sure to contact us if you find a problem while placing an order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a brief FAQ covering some of the most common and important questions on the subject of buying Instagram Impressions for promotional purposes:

  • Which is the Best Site to Buy Instagram Impressions?

    Media Mister is the ultimate choice to buy Instagram impressions. We're known for providing high-quality and authentic impressions to help boost your video's visibility and credibility.
  • How Long Does it Take to Receive the Impressions?

    Each package has its expected delivery time attached, and you can see it during the ordering process. It can take anywhere between 1 and 18 days. You’ll continuously receive impressions until the period expires if you’ve chosen the automatic package.
  • Do You Need My Password for the Delivery?

    No. Your password or login details will not be necessary for the delivery because all the impressions must come from external accounts. We will never ask you to provide us with sensitive data.
  • How are Impressions Calculated?

    Impressions show the number of times a user watches your content. In other words, it counts the number of times a post or a story has appeared on a person’s screen.
  • Does Buying Impressions for My IG Posts Increase Engagement?

    Yes. It can help you increase your engagement rate since you’re positively influencing the algorithm. Your target audience will be more likely to watch your content, which also means that some of them may end up engaging with them in one way or another.
  • Do I Need to Make My Instagram Account Public to Receive Impressions?

    Yes. It's necessary for your account to be public for us to be able to complete your request. Please, make sure your account is public before you request a package from us, as we cannot provide impressions to private Instagram accounts.

Review On Your Experience

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. We would love to hear your ideas on how we can do better. Please use this "Leave a review" section below to share your thoughts on our services.

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4.8 / 5 12 Customer reviews
  • 4/ 5 Stars
    I received my Instagram impressions so fast. I wasn't expecting it to be this fast in honest. It surprised me. This is the best website I've seen so far. When it comes to Instagram services, I'll always prefer this site. Above
  • 5/ 5 Stars
    I'm not kidding with the price. The customer service lady was pretty helpful with a payment issue. I can see that this website, the quality of the views, the fast and smooth process, customer care, everything points to my conclusion!
  • 4/ 5 Stars
    After conducting research, I found that the Mediamister provides a lot of services for all social media websites. And I finally purchased the Instagram impressions number that I deserve and it keeps rising. These prices are amazing for the service. These are the best prices i a have ever seen
  • 5/ 5 Stars
    This service was awesome!! My impressions were delivered in an hour. Only after buying the Instagram impressions did my channel really start rocking!! The customer service lady was pretty helpful with a payment issue. And I will definitely recommend this site for everyone. Thanks a lot
  • 4/ 5 Stars
    I'm extremely pleased with the Media Mister's Instagram impressions service and this made my images more popular by delivering the impressions in a timely fashion. Great service!
  • 5/ 5 Stars
    You can't find a better website than Media Mister for Instagram impressions. Absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for Instagram impressions. The customer support from them are polite and right with their answers and they answered me with every question that I had about Instagram impressions.
  • 5/ 5 Stars
    I am worried if I did contact Media Mister very late since I missed it so much in the past. They delivered the 500 impressions within 2 days of time. It's great to order here and completely satisfied. Media Mister is the best site I have ever seen.
  • 5/ 5 Stars
    Media Mister is the best site I have ever seen and they deserve more for what they do in the field of social media.
  • 5/ 5 Stars
    I am extremely satisfied with my first Instagram impressions order and this made my photos more popular by delivering the impressions at the right time. Thank you so much Media Mister.
  • 5/ 5 Stars
    Customer support from Media Mister answered me with every question about the Instagram impressions and they are polite and right with the answers. Excellent customer service.
  • 5/ 5 Stars
    You cannot find any better website other than Media Mister for the Instagram impressions. Absolutely recommend this to anyone.
  • 5/ 5 Stars
    I am worried if I did contact Media Mister very late since I missed it so much in the past. They delivered the 500 impression within 2 day of time. Its great to order here and completely satisfied.

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