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Buy YouTube Dislikes

Likes are all well and good, but why would you buy YouTube dislikes for your own videos? Is it not counterproductive to buy dislikes on YouTube, or are there hidden benefits to consider?

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Why Do I Need YouTube Dislikes?

On the surface, buying YouTube dislikes seems an illogical move. Each day, around 5 billion videos are watched on this one platform alone. Remarkably, it’s estimated that at least 80% of 18- to 49-year-olds use YouTube on a regular basis.

It’s the world’s most competitive video sharing platform by a clear mile, so why would you dislike your own videos? The truth is, there’s a perfectly logical reason why a publisher would buy YouTube dislikes.

Increasingly, private users and businesses of all sizes are buying likes to enhance the appeal of their content. You can buy hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of likes in a single order.

But what’s important to remember is that no video in YouTube’s history has ever attracted 100% positive feedback. Even the most successful videos end up with a bunch of dislikes, for one reason or another.

Hence, if you buy YouTube likes, you also need to buy YouTube dislikes. It’s a case of striking the right balance between positive and negative feedback to make the whole thing look legit.

buy cheap youtube dislikes

Does Buying YouTube Dislikes Really Work?

Not only does it work, but it’s also essential. You cannot expect your content to be taken seriously if it’s obvious you bought most of your likes. You need to keep things balanced, ensuring you have enough dislikes to make your likes look real.

For example, every 10000 likes you buy could be balanced out with 100 dislikes. At a glance, the content in question appears much more credible. If the same clip had 10000 likes and no dislikes, nobody would buy it.

It’s also worth remembering that these are the kinds of discrepancies YouTube itself can pick up on. Where a video has thousands of likes and no dislikes, it sets alarm bells ringing. YouTube is smart enough to pick up on disparities like these and take action accordingly.

Hence, dislikes are something you need to balance out the likes you purchase. Each time you buy YouTube likes, it’s advisable to buy YouTube dislikes keeping things convincing.

Is it Safe to Buy YouTube Dislikes?

It is safe to buy dislikes on YouTube if you go about it the right way. Firstly, buying tens of thousands of dislikes for other people’s content can be a risky move. If they suspect they’ve been targeted with a negative PR campaign, they could report it to YouTube. In addition, every YouTube dislikes you purchase must be 100% authentic to be safe.

This means real dislikes that come from real people with active and authentic YouTube accounts. Automated dislikes from fake accounts could see you being penalized for spam. Real dislikes are safe to buy – fake dislikes should be avoided at all costs. In addition, you also need to think carefully about the speed at which the dislikes are rolled out.

Thousands of dislikes appearing in a matter of seconds isn’t exactly discrete or believable. By contrast, dislikes rolled out gradually at a sensible pace ensure total discretion.

Why Buy YouTube Dislikes From Media Mister?

For all the reasons above! At Media Mister, we always prioritize quality, safety, and discretion for the benefit of our customers. When you buy YouTube dislikes from us, you benefit from 100% authentic dislikes. All dislikes originate from active and verified YouTube accounts and are performed by real people.

We utilize a 100% manual delivery method, enabling us to maintain total discretion at all times. Whatever your goals on YouTube, we’ve got the promotional products you need to make them happen. Choose from a variety of cost-effective packages of dislikes, including the following options:

  • 100 YouTube video dislikes added within 1-4 working days
  • 250 YouTube video dislikes added within 2-5 working days

Along with video dislikes, you can also buy YouTube video dislikes at the same low prices. Again, essential for maintaining balance and boosting the credibility of your content. Submit your order online, and your dislikes will be delivered as promptly as possible. If you can’t see what you need to be featured on our website, chat the team at Media Mister anytime for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the FAQs below, you’ll find additional information and the importance of buying YouTube dislikes to support your promotional strategy:

  • Can You Buy YouTube Dislikes Online?

    Yes, and we strongly suggest buying at least a handful of dislikes each time you place an order for likes. The importance of striking the right balance between the two cannot be overstated.
  • How Effective is Buying YouTube Dislikes?

    Every popular video in the history of YouTube has attracted dislikes. If you want your content to look credible, you need dislikes in the mix to balance out the likes you buy.
  • When Will I Start Seeing Results?

    The first of the dislikes you order will start appearing on your specified videos within hours after placing your order. We’ll add the rest at an appropriate pace to keep things discreet.
  • Is it Legal to Buy YouTube Dislikes?

    It is, but we strongly advise buying YouTube dislikes exclusively for ethical purposes. It’s ultimately up to you how you use them, but keeping things ethical with their allocation is advisable.
  • Which is the Best Place to Buy Dislikes on YouTube?

    Media Mister is one of the only social media specialists to back every purchase with a refund guarantee. If we fail to get the job done properly, you’ll get your money back!
  • How Much Does it Cost to Buy Dislikes on YouTube?

    Our cost-effective products are suitable for all requirements and budgets, starting from as little as $10.00. Place your order online, and we’ll begin the delivery process right away.

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  • Your service allows me to maintain a more balanced appearing channel, while gaining views! Amazing.
  • I want to thank you for your professional / dependable service.
  • Utterly dependable service. Delivered EXACTLY as they describe.
  • VERY Professional & responsive (dependable) company. Thank you for your service, I had NO idea I could boost views this way it flies in the face of conventional wisdom but.... it works !
  • Very professional & dependable service They make it happen exactly as described!
  • This service is super-responsive and immediate, their estimates of response-time are conservative. When you purchase their service, it's usually MUCH more immediate than they say.'s Like ClockWork. Thank You for the professionalism guys! it's MUCH appreciated. :-]
  • I truely want to THANK You guys- Media Mister is allowing me to build a better-balanced appearance of my channel. It's services are prompt, effective, (fast) And TRUE/Good. - it JUST WORKS, & is worth every dollar! Excellent work guys!
  • I just bought 50 dislikes to prank my friend's video and they arrived so quickly even I doubted lol. Great prices by the way. After the result I'm surprised. Now, I'm going to buy likes for my own videos hahaha.. Thank you Media Mister!
  • Who knew that YouTube dislikes were just what I needed to put an ugly PR war to rest? I didn't start it but I sure as hell finished it, lol! Of course, all with a little help from Media Mister - and justice is done!
  • Perfect performance as expected (I'm a repeated customer) and it's the guarantee of privacy that keeps me coming back. Thank you!
  • You guys even give dislikes huh?? What's next? YouTube watch hours? LOL, literally every time I check this website there's always a new service coming in :D. Great service! And the delivery and quality were premium.
  • I bought the minimum amount to try if it really works and turns out it does!! Now it's my time to shine like Pink Floyd's crazy diamond hahaha. I recommend this website for everyone who wants to become a social influencer, even though I admit I'm not quite a celebrity yet!
  • Interesting to see just how many different ways YouTube dislikes can be used for positive purposes. Positive purposes for me, anyway! Thanks again Media Mister, you've no idea how helpful those dislikes were!
  • Awesome to see new services being added to keep things fresh and I have nothing but good things to say about the quality of everything you sell. A stellar experience from start to finish, as always.
  • Honestly I never thought I'd see the day when buying dislikes would be a thing. Turns out I was wrong and I've gone and done it myself, though for purely ethical reasonsof course! :D
  • Everything was delivered in a matter of hours, way before the promised delivery time. Simply exceptional and incredibly effective - I'll definitely be buying other services from you in the future, thanks!
  • I'd rather not go into the reasons why I needed to buy dislikes, but let's just say they worked, haha! Seriously though, I love the way these guys work - especially when you'd prefer to keep things quiet, if you know what I mean!

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