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What are Tumblr reblogs, exactly?

Tumblr is a micro-blogging site. On Tumblr, you can either post something, like of reblog post from people you follow. So by Tumblr reblogs, we mean the blogs or the post that you reblog into your Tumblr blog. When you buy Tumblr reblog from us, essentially we will get people to reblog your content onto their blogs.

Where do the reblogs come from?

The reblog on Tumblr comes from the tons of active Tumblr accounts that are owned by real people. Although you will get reblogs from real accounts, there is no guarantee that they will like or comment on your blog. So, if you want like and comments on your blog, you'll have to purchase them separately.

Do I need to hand over my Tumblr blog to you?

No, we don't require you to do any such thing. But we will need the link to the post that you need us to reblog. We'd recommend you to please be careful with the link that you are providing. You don't want us to reblog the wrong post, do you?

When do I get the purchase I make?

Once you buy Tumblr reblogs, you will have to be a little patient. The delivery time really depends on the amount of the purchase you make. A large purchase will require more time to deliver than a small one. A big purchase takes us a handful of the day to over a week while a small one may take a few hours to a couple of days.

I have more queries?

That's great. If you want to talk Tumblr reblogs then talk to us using the contact us page. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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