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LinkedIn isn’t your typical social network. Used by millions of businesses, professionals and jobseekers worldwide, LinkedIn is the place to head for career development. The problem being that with such extraordinary competition, it’s not always easy to stand out from the crowd and make your voice heard.

In fact, making a name for yourself on platforms like LinkedIn is a constant battle.

This is precisely why businesses and professionals from all backgrounds worldwide now routinely buy LinkedIn Comments, alongside other social signals. The difference being that when you buy LinkedIn Comments, you have the opportunity to customise the message they carry.

Generic social signals are effective enough, but aren’t nearly as flexible and versatile as quality LinkedIn Comments.

Who Needs LinkedIn Comments?

It’s easy to underestimate the potential value of LinkedIn Comments. Nevertheless, the strategic use of LinkedIn Comments as part of a wider promotional strategy really can make all the difference. What appear to be the random thoughts of equally random people can have all the impact in the world, if you know how to use them.

Each and every time you post something (anything) on LinkedIn, your intention is for others to read it. Not just read it, but get something out of it and build a positive impression of you. This is where buying LinkedIn Comments can help.

When you buy LinkedIn post Comments, you capitalise on the opportunity to emphasize the value, relevance and authority of your post. Irrespective of the nature and content of the post, Comments from other LinkedIn users can significantly reinforce whatever message it is you’re looking to send.

The more Comments your LinkedIn posts attract, the more likely they are to be taken seriously by those who read them subsequently.

Why Buy LinkedIn Comments?

Let’s take a look at the whole thing from the context of an everyday scenario:

  • 1. You come up with one or more posts you feel carry an important or powerful message, which you want other LinkedIn users to take seriously.
  • 2. Your posts are published in the normal way, but aren’t immediately attracting a great deal of attention.
  • 3. You therefore make the decision to buy LinkedIn Comments, in which other LinkedIn users complement or agree with the content of your posts in some way.
  • 4. Immediately, anyone who comes across your posts sees they’ve had an impact on those who’ve read them, so much so that they felt compelled to comment.
  • 5. All of the above significantly enhances the perceived value, relevance and authority of the post in question, boosting its appeal in the eyes of those viewing it.

What really makes the difference when you buy LinkedIn Comments is the way in which you get to take total control over the message they send. Say something positive, something thought-provoking or something downright controversial - anything that sparks discussion and nurtures engagement.

Buying Comments on LinkedIn is all about setting a chain reaction in motion. You publish a post, you use social signals to enhance its appeal and others are encouraged to take an interest in it as a result.

Just as long as you use the right Comments in the right places, it can be a surprisingly effective strategy.

How Can I Buy LinkedIn Comments Safely?

At Media Mister, we’ve spent more than a decade building a unique and exclusive system for the delivery of premium social signals. Today, we’re proud to offer the highest quality LinkedIn Comments money can buy - all written by real human writers and delivered via 100% active and authentic LinkedIn accounts.

When you buy Comments on LinkedIn from Media Mister, you buy the safest social signals on the market.

If you decide to go ahead, you’ll have two different types of LinkedIn Comments to choose from:

  • 1. Random Comments - These will be written manually by our own team of writers, in order to ensure relevance to the subject of the post.
  • 2. Custom Comments - If preferred, you can script your own Comments from scratch to ensure they carry the exact message you want to send

In any case, our real LinkedIn Pulse Comments - all sourced from active and authentic accounts - are available from as little as $15.00. We’re currently able to offer the following packages of LinkedIn Comments with these approximate turnaround times:

  • 10 LinkedIn Comments within three working days
  • 25 LinkedIn Comments within four working days
  • 50 LinkedIn Comments within five working days
  • 100 LinkedIn Comments within six working days
  • 250 LinkedIn Comments within seven working days

Shop around for cheap social signals all you like, but we guarantee you will not find higher-quality LinkedIn Comments and social signals for your business page than right here.

Does Buying LinkedIn Comments Work?

The short answer is yes, but it of course depends on how you use them. You can’t simply add a whole bunch of random Comments to a low-quality post and expect it to work wonders for your reputation. Ultimately, it’s down to the quality of your company page and the posts you publish to determine the outcome.

That said, using LinkedIn Comments to boost the appeal and authority of a quality post can make a real difference at an affordable price. Just be sure that if you do go ahead and buy LinkedIn Comments for any purpose whatsoever, you exclusively buy 100% real LinkedIn Comments from active and authentic accounts.

Anything substandard could have the opposite of the intended effect, wreaking havoc with your reputation and authority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rounding things off, we’ll now be taking a look at a series of frequently asked questions on the subject of buying LinkedIn Comments, with concise answers provided for each:

Can You Buy LinkedIn Post Comments?

Absolutely - buying LinkedIn Comments is as simple as placing your order online, specifying the number of Comments you would like to buy and where you would like them to be posted.

What Do You Mean by Custom LinkedIn Comments?

What makes the difference with custom Comments is the opportunity to script your own Comments from scratch, which we will then add to your selected posts as requested.

Are Your Random LinkedIn Comments Realistic?

Unlike some, we ensure that each and every LinkedIn comment we write is as authentic and credible as can be, preferring skilled manual comment writing over the usual automation.

How Much Do LinkedIn Comments Cost?

Prices vary in accordance with requirements, though our high-quality LinkedIn Comments can be purchased from as little as $15.00. Call Media Mister anytime for more information.

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  • It was impossible to use any social media platform without your account getting flooded by low-quality comments that were completely useless. But at last, I found an online service (Mediamister) that was offering high-quality comments for a reasonable price.
  • I bought 200 Linkedin comments and followers and since then more people started to come and watch my article. Great, the number of comments really attracts others. And I cross verified the comments it all came from real accounts. Thanks for the service.
  • Got my Linkedin Comments in full. Some providers send the wrong amount but Media Mister was right on spot. All my friends envy my like numbers and they have no idea I bought them from here. This was just what I needed. Love you
  • Our competitors are already few in your country, and you seem to be selling me the way to becoming number one on LinkedIn. I must also mention your delivery status that is quite good. It makes me more joyful. Thanks for your service.
  • I ordered 25 Linkedin Comments and they were delivered within the time frame. I was suspecting them to be a bot and empty accounts for the cheap prices but all of the ones that arrived are real and active accounts!! Thank you so much.
  • People who read my article on Linkedin were not replying to me with comments. Media Mister has invited top-notch comments and the result was that the number of comments increased significantly.
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