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Comments on your posts are an indication of interest and engagement. As part of a broader social media marketing strategy, taking a proactive approach to comments is essential. But does this mean it is adequate to buy Facebook comment replies for your posts?

Is it even safe to pay for comments for a Facebook page or business page? Or is it forbidden to purchase comments and comment replies?

The Importance of Comments and Comment Replies

Buying Facebook comments and replies is a surprisingly popular tactic. Now more than ever, competition on Facebook is practically insurmountable.

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to do something seriously special. You need to show people that you are authentic, credible, and legit.

More importantly, you need to show the world that you are popular and engaging.

This is something that can be achieved by taking a proactive approach to comments. Each comment you collect indicates interest and engagement at the highest level. Whether you accumulate comments organically or buy custom comments, the result is the same - engagement. With each comment reply, this sense of engagement is intensified.

In a nutshell, comments and comment replies play a major role in determining the appeal and attractiveness of your content. In which case, more is always better.

Does Buying Facebook Comments and Replies Really Work?

The short answer is yes, where high-quality comments from active users are concerned. For the comments/replies you buy to work, they need to be 100% identical to organic comments.

They need to be relevant to the Facebook post in question, written with the context in mind and submitted by real Facebook users.

Get it right, and these purchased comments and replies can be just as effective as their organic counterparts.

By contrast, buying comments/replies does not work if you buy spam comments. You’ll have seen these a ton of times on Facebook – completely random comments of no relevance to the post.

If anything, fake comments are dangerously counterproductive.

They could cost you your credibility or see Facebook itself taking action against you.

Is There a Chance Facebook Will Close My Account?

With spam comments of no relevance to your content, you could find yourself in trouble. Somebody could report you to Facebook’s customer support team, resulting in an investigation. If it’s determined you’ve been using black-hat techniques in an attempt to cheat the system, you could be flagged for spam.

Thankfully, this is a risk that can be eliminated entirely by exclusively buying real comments and replies. This means 100% legit comments/replies, written and submitted by real people with active accounts and of 100% relevance to the posts.

These comments/replies are safe because they fulfill all criteria to qualify as real. They’re indistinguishable from the real thing and just as effective.

Why Buy Facebook Comment Replies from Media Mister?

At Media Mister, we provide the opportunity to buy the highest quality custom comments at rock-bottom prices. With us, you have the freedom to specify exactly what you want each of your comment replies to say.

Importantly, every comment is written and submitted by a real Facebook user with an active and authentic account. The comment replies we provide are indistinguishable from organic replies and are therefore safe.

Choose from a variety of cost-effective packages, including the following options:

  • 10 Facebook comment replies written and submitted within 1-2 working days
  • 25 Facebook comment replies written and submitted within 2-3 working days
  • 50 Facebook comment replies written and submitted within 3-4 working days
  • 100 Facebook comment replies written and submitted within 4-5 working days

Place your order online, or contact our customer support team anytime to learn how our custom Facebook comments work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQs below for summarised answers to a series of important questions on buying comment replies on Facebook:

Can You Buy Facebook Comment Replies?

Yes – we can provide you with anything up to 100 Facebook comment replies, written and submitted by our own team of experts.

What Kind of Comment Replies Am I Going to Receive?

You can be specific about the exact content of each and every comment when you order our custom replies. We can also write relevant comments and replies on your behalf if preferred.

Is It Safe to Buy Facebook Comment Replies?

Every Facebook comment reply we provide is 100% authentic and therefore identical to an organic comment reply. Our services are 100% safe without exception.

Will People Know That Some of My Facebook Comment Replies Have Been Bought?

Definitely not – the comments and comment replies we submit are completely indistinguishable from organic comments. Under no circumstances will anyone know they were purchased.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Custom Facebook Comment Replies?

Full pricing information is available on the Media Mister website, with prices starting from as little as $5.00 for authentic Facebook comment replies.