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Tired of seeing other people's accounts blow up but not yours? Grow your account as fast as possible through Instagram Shares from real people!

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Buy Instagram Shares

Want to increase your profile performance? When you buy Instagram shares, your post will have higher impressions, reach a huge audience and potentially land you new and engaged customers for your brand. With higher impressions, the Instagram algorithm will boost your content, gain you popularity and so much more.

Buying Instagram shares with Media Mister is straightforward. All you have to do is select the number of shares you want to buy with us, enter the link to the Instagram post you wish to share, and complete the payment.

buy instagram shares

What are Instagram shares?

If you have ever saved something on Instagram, sent an account to a friend, shared a video to another social media site such as Twitter or Facebook, or even copied the link to a profile and shared it with someone else via email, then that’s precisely what an Instagram share is!

Why Post Shares Matter For Instagram Users

Instagram allows you to create quality relationships with your customers when it comes to social media for businesses. As well as this, the more people who share you, the more likely it is that you will gain likes, comments, more shares and even followers.

With so many individuals and companies fighting for the top spot within specific niches and hashtags, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. However, there are many ways to stand out in the group, and Instagram shares are a sure-fire way to create a positive impact with other users and accounts.

buy instagram post shares

Profile Visibility & How We Can Help

Many people or companies remedy their low profile visibility by buying followers, likes or even purchasing a new page with a large following built-in.

However, when you buy shares, your visibility becomes more organic and puts you in front of users who are most likely to genuinely follow you thanks to the intricate system that Instagram has put in place.

As well as this, buying shares is a lot less risky when it comes to your account (or accounts), as bot followers and inactive profiles bought from vendors other than ourselves can put your profile at risk of being demoted in the algorithm.

To implement and support your social media marketing strategy, buy Instagram shares from Media Mister today.

All you need to do is share your post link, and we'll do the rest! We also offer other services such as Instagram followers and views for your Instagram stories.

Buy Instagram Shares With Media Mister

We always ensure that our packages beat the prices of our competitors. To make your purchase as safe as possible, we recommend purchasing your Instagram shares through this Media Mister service page. Below are the packages we offer:

  • 100 Instagram Shares (1-2 days) - 2 USD
  • 250 Instagram Shares (1-2 days) - 4 USD
  • 500 Instagram Shares (1-3 days) - 7 USD
  • 1000 Instagram Shares (1-3 days) - 9 USD
  • 2500 Instagram Shares (2-4 days) - 22 USD
  • 5000 Instagram Shares (4-7 days) - 39 USD
  • 10000 Instagram Shares (7-10 days) - 75 USD

How does Media Mister work?

When you buy your preferred package of Instagram shares through Media Mister, you only need to place your order, ensure your Instagram profile is set to public, and watch the shares roll in. No matter your budget, we offer a range of packages to suit your needs. This service is just as ideal for a company as for an influencer, so what are you waiting for?

How To Increase Your Instagram Shares?

Naturally increasing Instagram shares on your account (whether it's a business or personal page) can take a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re trying to curate a larger social media marketing strategy. That’s why we offer you the chance to buy Instagram shares and boost your page without the hassle!

You can also organically boost the reach of your Instagram shares by creating engaging content, as it draws the eye in and uses relevant hashtags to your brand. It can also help when the app is busiest. To do this, find the busiest times when most people are on the Instagram app, then make a note of when you’re going to post during these times.

This will give you a bigger chance of being noticed by more people on the site and encourage natural shares alongside our paid share service.

Boost Your Profile Today

It’s no secret that the save and share feature on Instagram can improve the visibility of your profile on the platform. However, not many marketers utilise this in their social media marketing strategy.

It’s a sure-fire way of engaging new customers and can be utilised alongside an engaging content plan that includes images of your travels, infographics, or videos that are attention-grabbing.

The posts that tend to be saved the most are infographics, as they’re incredibly informational and helpful to people within specific niches. Infographics could be about study tips, spiritual guidance or even useful facts that people may want to remember. This then leads to the saving or sharing of the post, which boosts your profile and doubles the chances of your page landing on the explore page when done alongside our paid sharing service.

Why us?

As previously stated, we offer a first-class and quick service that allows you to buy Instagram shares at the touch of a button. All you need to do is select the package you want, add in your profile details along with the post URL you would like to target and watch the shares roll in! The price for each of our packages is extremely budget-friendly, and our website is secure, so you know you can trust us!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you buy Instagram shares?

    Yes. With Media Mister, you can purchase up to 10000 shares for a single post on the Instagram social media platform. We cater to a range of budgets and sell Instagram shares for as little as $2.
  • How much does it cost to buy shares on Instagram?

    Our lowest package costs just $2 for 100 shares, and our highest package costs just $75 for 10000. We have an excellent price no matter your needs.
    We have a range of packages to suit your budget, and we don't believe in spending more money than is necessary. This is why we offer post shares at competitive business prices. We've added our rates below:
    100 Post Shares (1-2 days) - 2 USD
    250 Post Shares (1-2 days) - 4 USD
    500 Post Shares (1-3 days) - 7 USD
    1000 Post Shares (1-3 days) - 9 USD
    2500 Post Shares (2-4 days) - 22 USD
    5000 Post Shares (4-7 days) - 39 USD
    10000 Post Shares (7-10 days) - 75 USD
  • Is it safe to buy instagram shares?

    Absolutely. We consider several measures before offering our paid services. We always put your safety and confidentially first, which means we’ll never ask for your login details or violate Instagram’s terms of service.
    We have thousands of happy clients worldwide who have used our site again and again, so you can rest easy knowing that your order is in safe hands.
  • Why buy Instagram Shares?

    Buying shares is a quick and easy way to tell the algorithm that your social media profile is not only essential but worth putting in front of more people on the explore page. It's also great for gaining more genuine followers and can aid your business or company in gaining more customer profiles.
    In short, investing in Instagram shares is the answer to many social media marketing strategies, and can help gain more website traffic as well as overall social media profile views
  • Do you offer other services?

    Yes! We also offer you the opportunity to buy followers. Whether you're looking for Instagram or Twitter followers, for example, we have you covered. Invest in your social media today with Media Mister.
  • What's the Best Advantage of Buying Instagram Shares?

    The biggest advantage by far for this service is that you will gain a considerable amount of page views, which in turn will increase your profile impressions as well as reach. We've helped customers around the world gain up to 35k profile views.
  • Who will benefit the most?

    Social media is one of the leading business resources and marketing platforms in the world, and nearly every single business has a profile. Social media matters because it can provide brands as well as customers the space to increase their engagement and find new and exciting products. Buying Instagram saves will benefit a range of accounts, such:
    Small Businesses
    Large Companies
    Digital Marketers
    Clothing Business
  • Can I see who saves and shares my post?

    Although you cannot specifically see who shared and saved your post, we guarantee that we fulfill your order with profiles run by real people; that has and will always be our policy.
  • Can I split my shares between different posts?

    Thanks to our cheap Instagram shares, you can purchase budget-friendly shares to any post you choose, meaning you can select multiple posts to boost!
  • Will my saves always be there?

    Saves and shares can drop from time to time, however this isn't true for all. Also, we guarantee that your Instagram shares will not fall for at least 30 days. If they do, please get in touch with our customer service team.
  • When will I see results?

    You can expect to see a rise in your impressions a day after you complete your purchase. The more shares you purchase with us, the longer it may take for you to see a result.
  • Can I see how many people shared my post?

    Whether you want your post shared to reach friends, promote products or encourage website visitors, you can rest easy knowing that this service will put you in front of the right people. Although you can't see who shared you, you'll be able to see a rise in your engagement and impressions.
  • How do shares influence my post?

    It will appear more popular if people save them, regardless of whether this happens organically or you buy from us.
  • Could buying shares have a negative impact on my profile?

    No, buying post shares will not negatively effect your profile. You'll simply help the IG algorithm to decide whether your page is worth sharing or not.
  • Is this legal?

    Yes, it's legal to buy an engagement package in order to boost your social media presence. Many companies offer this service, and offer engagement and followers packages for other platforms such as Facebook.

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  • Media Mister the best site for buying social media services and I appreciate your customer service. The Instagram shares service worked very well for my Instagram account. Many thanks!
  • When I purchased shares from you, my videos started to receive more engagement. The low prices of your shares are awesome. Thanks Media Mister!
  • Media Mister is valuable website and I highly recommend it to everyone. The Instagram shares I received within short time of period and the quality of shares were good.
  • I was impressed by the time of the delivery and the quality of customer service. I have started my own Instagram account and was looking for help promoting it. This service worked well for me. Thank you!
  • I recommend everyone to use Media Mister to purchase shares for their Instagram posts. It is an excellent website, and I'm confident that everyone be happy with their services.
  • With your prices, I was able to buy my first 1000 shares for my post. They arrived quickly and your customer service is great. Many Thanks!
  • I purchased shares from you last week and I was impressed by the viral growth my post. I am very satisfied with your service. So many thanks!
  • After buying shares from you, I was amazed that were real. Great service and a great website! Thanks Media Mister!

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