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Tidal is quickly becoming the music platform for up and coming artists looking to make names for themselves. Many of whom now regularly buy Tidal Plays (or Tidal Streams), in order to help them gain an edge.

The question being – does buying Tidal Plays work? More importantly, is it safe to buy Tidal Plays to give your image and authority a boost on this competitive platform?

A Brief Overview of Tidal

What makes Tidal different is the fact that it is an artist-owned global music streaming and entertainment platform, which works or less like a traditional music platform and more like a social network. To date, more than 60 million songs have been added to the Tidal catalogue, which are available across 53 countries to an audience too large to estimate.

Tidal brings together musicians, music journalists, industry experts and artists from all over the world, who collectively curate playlists and other content to promote inspiring audio. Just a few of the superstar names with a stake in Tidal include Alicia Keys, Arcade Fire, Beyoncé, Calvin Harris, Claudia Leitte, Clifford “T.I.” Harris, Coldplay, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Jack White, Jason Aldean, J. Cole, Kanye West and Madonna.

Needless to say, make a name for yourself on a platform like Tidal and your success story is pretty much guaranteed.

Why Buy Tidal Plays?

As for why it makes sense to buy Tidal Plays, it’s all about standing out from the crowd as a credible contender. Like elsewhere, popularity holds the key to success on Tidal. The more often your tracks are played, the more ‘credit’ they earn in the eyes of both the platform itself and those using it. Hence, the more Tidal Plays and streams you accumulate, the more likely you are to be taken seriously by Tidal’s global listener community.

In addition, tracks that have been played more often also benefit from enhanced exposure. There’s a direct correlation between the popularity of a Tidal track and the extent to which it is showcased and recommended to listeners. In which case, to buy Tidal Plays is to make a direct investment in the visibility and exposure of your work. This therefore means that when you buy Tidal Plays or Tidal Streams, your music becomes easier to find and benefits from enhanced credibility.

Both of which could make all the difference, if looking to make a name for yourself on a platform as competitive as this.

Is it Safe to Buy Tidal Plays?

It’s no secret that musicians, Hollywood celebrities, sports personalities and politicians now regularly buy social signals like these. Nevertheless, it’s still a practice that’s predominantly frowned upon. Therefore, if you’re planning to purchase Tidal Plays to help steer things in the right direction, you need to do so discreetly and strategically.

The safety of the Tidal Plays you buy will be determined by where they come from and how they are delivered. If you buy Tidal Plays from fraudulent accounts with no real owners and add them to your tracks at an unnatural speed, they’ll be detected by Tidal. You’re unlikely to be suspended or excluded from the platform, but these cheap and fast Plays you purchase will be blocked from your tracks.

By contrast, the alternative is to pay for Tidal Plays that are as authentic and organic as it gets. This means purchasing Tidal Plays and streams from active Tidal accounts with real human owners, which are applied to your tracks at an appropriately organic rate. Choose this option and you’re safe, as the Tidal Plays you’re buying are technically 100% real.

Why Buy Tidal Plays and Streams from Media Mister?

Unlike some, we acknowledge and understand the importance of authenticity. For more than 10 years, we’ve been providing an extensive range of promotional products for competitive platforms like Tidal. In all instances, delivering nothing but 100% authentic social signals of unbeatable quality and safety.

When you buy Tidal Plays or streams from us, we ensure each and every one of them is as credible and authentic as it gets. We exclusively provide Plays and Streams from active, verified and human-owned accounts within our own private networks. With Media Mister, your safety and anonymity are guaranteed.

Just a few of our most popular packages of Tidal Plays now available via the Media Mister website include the following:

  • 1,000 Tidal Plays delivered within 2 working days
  • 2,500 Tidal Plays delivered within 2 working days
  • 5,000 Tidal Plays delivered within 3 working days
  • 10,000 Tidal Plays delivered within 6 working days
  • 50,000 Tidal Plays delivered within 30 working days

What’s more, alongside standard Tidal Track Plays, we can also provide real Tidal Playlist Plays and Tidal Video Plays at unbeatable prices. Order online in just a few clicks, or contact the Media Mister customer support team anytime for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read on for further information and helpful insights on buying Tidal Plays and Streams to improve your performance on the platform:

Is It Safe to Buy Tidal Plays and Streams?

Staying safe means ensuring that the Tidal Plays and Streams you purchase come exclusively from 100% active and verified accounts, with real human owners.

Does Buying Tidal Plays and Streams Actually Work?

Yes – buying Tidal Plays and Streams is a great way of giving yourself a competitive edge, by immediately boosting the perceived popularity and value of your work.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Tidal Plays and Streams?

Prices vary in accordance with the size of the package required – our real Tidal Plays and streams are available for as little as $33.

Will Tidal Suspend or Close My Account?

Just as long as you exclusively purchase 100% authentic Tidal Plays, they are undetectable from the real thing and your account is therefore safe.

Can I Pay for Tidal Plays and Streams Using Crypto Currency?

Yes – Media Mister is proud to accept an extensive range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, which are processed safely and securely via coinpayments.net.

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  • I just wanted to thank you for this service. It has been a real blessing in my business. My account is now being seen by hundreds of thousands of people and I just started out last month. Thank you!
  • I'm confused, because I didn't think there were many people who would actually buy Tidal plays. I found a website on the internet that can provide me with Tidal plays. You're fantastic, you get your stuff done!
  • The prices are very affordable, and I am very satisfied with the plays. The plays are important for ranking highly on Tidal, and you really deliver great quality!
  • It's a great service to use for a month or so, and it takes some of the burden off when you don't have to worry about sharing each new piece of content, especially when you're away for a while.
  • Especially if you are a Tidal user and you are still pretty new, the crossposting you get will help boost your exposure and potentially double it. Thanks for taking the time to create this. You guys deserve a lot of respect.
  • You can't believe that the amount of quality and the fast service could be so low. I ordered something, but the price was low, and it was delivered quickly.