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The debate as to whether or not anyone should buy Instagram Followers continues to rage.

Ask some and they’ll tell you that to buy Instagram Followers is to waste money on something dangerous and pointless. By contrast, others will tell you that buying Instagram Followers is just about the best thing you can do to boost your performance and your presence.

Looking at things as objectively as possible, there’s logic on both sides of the argument.

On one hand, to buy Followers on Instagram is to paint a picture of popularity, credibility and value. On the other, those who buy fake Instagram Followers from low-grade sellers could indeed by putting their accounts at risk.

Hence, if you’re planning to buy Instagram Followers to enhance your appeal in the eyes of other users, safety and discretion should be your number-one priority.

Should I Buy Instagram Followers?

The argument in favour of buying Instagram Followers is relatively straightforward. If you’re still on the fence about the whole thing, consider the following scenario:

  • You come across two Instagram users that fall within your field of interest
  • Both of these Instagram users publish relatively similar content
  • The first of the two profiles has 150,000 Followers or more
  • By contrast, the second profile currently has just 15 Followers
  • Immediately, which of the two do you assume to be ‘better’ than the other?

When it comes to social networks like Instagram, we’re all guilty of reading into the numbers alone. Before making any assessment of the quality of the content being published, the fact that a profile has a huge audience of Followers stands out as a key measurement of value.

Hence, it’s hardly surprising that so many people chose to buy IG Followers to improve those all-important first impressions. If you don’t currently have enough Followers to paint a positive picture about your profile, buying Followers could be the best way of setting the wheels in motion.

Can I Buy Real Instagram Followers?

If you decide to go ahead and buy Instagram Followers, you need to have realistic expectations with regard to what’s actually on offer. For the safety of your account and your reputation as a publisher, it’s essential to stick exclusively with real Instagram Followers from active and authentic accounts.

What this means is that every follower added to your profile is sourced via an active account with a real human owner, ensuring the whole thing looks as organic and legit as possible.

However, buying Instagram Followers doesn’t mean buying engaged audience members in the traditional sense. When you buy Instagram Followers, it’s simply a case of boosting the numbers for the sake of keeping up appearances. More Followers means more value, authority and impact in the eyes of others - it doesn’t mean buying Followers who will engage and interact with your content.

In any case, sticking exclusively with real Instagram Followers should be considered mandatory. If you’re going to pay for Instagram Followers to enhance your appeal in the eyes of others, taking chances on fake Followers is a very bad idea.

What are Targeted Instagram Followers?

If looking to get the very most out of your investment in social signals, it’s strongly advised to buy targeted Instagram Followers. The reason being that when you purchase country targeted Instagram Followers, they carry so much more weight in the countries and territories you’re reaching out to.

For example, if you’re primarily looking to engage and influence American audiences, it simply makes sense to buy USA Instagram Followers. Likewise, anyone focusing their efforts on European audiences should buy European Instagram Followers where available.

From Turkey to Brazil to Russia to most Asian countries, targeted Followers can be purchased from just about anywhere.

It’s not that generic Instagram Followers from random countries aren’t of value - it’s just that the appeal and influence of Followers from a relevant market is way higher.

How to Buy Instagram Followers Safely

The key to buying Instagram Followers safely lies in doing business exclusively with a tried, tested and trusted seller. Unless you want to put your account at risk with a batch of fake and fraudulent Followers generated by bots, you need a reputable Instagram specialist on your side.

At Media Mister, we exclusively provide 100% authentic social signals for major platforms like Instagram. Each and every Follower provided is sourced from an active and verified Instagram account, with a real human owner and evidence of recent activity. What’s more, we’ve also created a unique delivery system for Instagram Followers and other social signals, ensuring the whole thing appears organic and legit from start to finish.

Our most popular packages of authentic Instagram Followers currently include the following:

  • 50 Instagram followers delivered within two working days
  • 500 Instagram followers delivered within three working days
  • 5000 Instagram followers delivered within seven working days
  • 25,000 Instagram followers delivered within 15 working days
  • 50,000 Instagram followers delivered within 20 working days

Whether looking to purchase 50, 500 or 50,000 Followers for your Instagram account, you won’t find a more experienced or reputable seller on the web.

Does Buying Instagram Followers Really Work?

Yes, but you need to have realistic expectations about what it is you are buying. When you buy Instagram Followers, you immediately and permanently present your profile in a more credible and appealing way.

But at the same time, all the Instagram Followers in the world cannot compensate for low-quality content.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to ensure that you do whatever it takes to engage and appeal to your target audience. Buying Instagram Followers will ensure your profile is taken seriously - keeping your audience hooked is all down to you.

Buying Instagram Followers: FAQs

Rounding things off, we’ll now be taking a look at a handful of frequently asked questions on the subject of buying Instagram Followers in a safe and effective way:

Can Buying Followers On Instagram Get You Banned?

Just as long as you purchase 100% real Followers from active and verified accounts, the answer is no. Your account is only at risk if you settle for fake, fraudulent and bot-generated Followers.

Is It Safe To Buy Instagram Followers?

Again, it is safe to buy Instagram Followers if you ensure that each and every one of them is as legit and authentic as it gets. If they’re sourced from real Instagram accounts, you’ve nothing to worry about.

Is Buying Followers On Instagram Worth It?

If your intention is to boost your perceived value, credibility and popularity in the eyes of others, buying Instagram Followers is a great way of making it happen.

Can I Buy Instagram Followers Using Bitcoin Or Other Crypto Currencies?

Yes - Media Mister recently began accepting payments in bitcoin and other crypto currencies via coinpayments.net. Call or email anytime for more information, or place your order online for immediate delivery.

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