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Buy Likee Comments

Likee, as with other social media platforms, is a place where creators and users can engaged with one another through short videos. Likee services are strongly influenced by the app's video editing and visual effect capabilities. These allow users to make videos that included augmented reality effects as well as different voice and video styles.

In 2020, social media marketing researchers identified the Likee platform as one of the most popular in the world. That year, it was the fourth most downloaded social media app, with around 131 million active monthly users. This gives the platform around $5 million in revenue per year, but its overall worth is expected to increase with the growth of the service. As it moves into the US market, it's likely to become one of the more popular apps out there.

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Likee Videos: How it All Works

Again, the point of having a Likee profile is to share videos that include various effects, such as AI face swapping, 4D enhancements, and other special features. Though the features experience is similar to most other video-bases social media services, Likee differs in that the platform has significantly simplified monetization.

By now, we all know that social media accounts can be used to generate income. So, the more Likee fans an account or creator collects, the easier it is to share short videos that generate payment in one way or another.

This is because Likee capitalizes on creator traffic, paying them a commission in exchange for bringing a larger audience online to see ads and sponsored content. Likee is a legit service with high rates of customer satisfaction.

Likee uses an in-app currency called "Beans" to reward creators, who can withdraw the beans they collect as real money. Obviously, the more followers you collect, the more beans you can be paid. But don't worry if you still have questions, all the answers can be found in the next few sections.

Likee Facts and Figures

Though it is growing fast and has a reputation as a great service, Likee has a long way to go before it reaches the status of Instagram or Facebook. Still, to prove the value in buying Likee followers, buying Likee likes, and buying Likee comments, let's review some app basics.

  • Likee has over 330 million downloads as of 2019.
  • The video platform boasted a 205% usage increase in just one year.
  • Followers are considered the primary way of indicating creator popularity on the app.
  • The company behind Likee is based in Singapore, and most popular countries for the app are in Southeast Asia and India.
  • Likee is planning to move into the US market very soon, though certain countries are not part of their expansion plan.
buy custom likee comments

Why Likee Comments Are a Big Deal

Creators who want to make money with Likee are recommended to build a brand image for themselves. This means cultivating a reputation for humor, honesty, or some other extremely valuable and marketable persona.

Creators can also utilize the app's stunning visual effects to gain more likes and followers. Not surprisingly, Likee popularity is heavily based on an algorithm. This means that user engagement is the primary determining factor in whether or not a channel is promoted to new potential viewers.

Therefore, the goal of many creators looking to monetize the site is to get as many Likee views as possible, receive comments, and engage with viewers as often as possible. Some do this by striving to put out the best quality content. Others look for ways to boost the amount of Likee comments and views they get. And while you can buy Likee likes and followers, there is a lot of power in a comment.

Comments Allow for Maximum Engagement

That's right. Comments don't just show the Likee algorithm that people are enjoying the content you're putting out. Instead, it shows that your followers are so interested in what you're doing that they want to engage with you about it. Comments allow for more detail, facilitate better communication, and generally have a lot more value than simple interactions.

Sure, we recommend that you buy Likee followers to boost your popularity. However, Likee comments can be far more valuable in the long run. According to the Likee terms, the site keeps an eye out for bot traffic and other false methods of triggering the algorithm. With real comments from real people, you don't need to worry about hindering your social media marketing progress in any way.

Does Buying Likee Comments Really Work?

Of course it does! When you buy Likee comments you're facilitating conversation on your videos and on your channel. The more social media accounts you have actively commenting on what you post, the more earning potential you have. What really makes a campaign to buy Likee comments successful is ensuring you only buy comments from a reputable company that has real Likee followers available for instant delivery.

Some media companies use bots, which can end up posting gibberish in your comment feed. That won't facilitate conversation, which means it won't help followers and even potential customers find you.

Benefits of Buying Likee Comments

The benefits of buying Likee comments is that you get infintiately more opportunities to engage with your Likee followers. While you buy likes to boost your presence on the algorithm, you can really improve your overall earning potential by talking with as many users as you can. As we mentioned, Likee does have an built-in monetization function.

However, that isn't the only way to make money on the app. You can also promote your own products or services, or promote those of others. Social media services are essentially stand-along advertising channels. The number of Likee views and comments you helps indicate how much exposure you can provide advertisers. Modern companies love influencer marketing, and you can be a big part of that.

Why Buy Likee Comments from Media Mister?

Media Mister is the leading provider of social media and website likes, views, comments, and shares. How do we set ourselves apart from the competition? Easy, we make sure all of our accounts are run by real people, not bots. When you go shopping for Likee comments for your creator account, you need a guarantee that you'll get precisely what you want. With Media Mister, you get the highest-quality comments to boost engagement among all of your followers.

In the end, you get what you pay for. Still, our Likee follower price starts much lower than what you might find on some other apps. We also have a variety of estimated delivery time options, so you can make sure your comments are coming in in a way that looks organic. See our Likee comments packages below:


The social media landscape has evolved faster than many of us could have imagined. New apps are cropping up all the time, taking users away from more established platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This represents a big opportunity for budding creators. Media Mister offers bulk orders at a cheap price so that you can grow your Likee profile without breaking your budget.

So if you're ready to buy Likee interactions like comments, not is the time to make the investment. Just remember: the more you answer the comments you receive, the better you engagement will be. You also need to make sure you're putting out high quality content! Do those two things, and the sky is the limit when it comes to your earning potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you buy Likee comments?

    Of course! As long as you ship with Media Mister, all of your comments, likes, and views will come from legitimate accounts owned by real people. This means you can boost your account's profile without worrying about violating the T&Cs.
  • Is Likee becoming more popular?

    Like is a relatively new app, but it's definitely growing fast. Many experts consider it similar to TikTok, which has already carved into Facebook and Instagram's audience. However, the popularity of the built-in monetization can't be underestimated. We can't wait to see what happens when Likee hits the US market.
  • Do you sell Likee likes and views?

    Actually, we do! We want you to be able to buy Likee interactions that work for your marketing goals. While we still recommend Likee comments as the best way to facilitate engagement, buying followers, likes, or views is also a great investment.
  • How much does it cost to buy Likee comments?

    The cost of comments depends mostly on the number you want to purchase. We do our best to provide a variety of package options, as we know that influencers have different budgets. Whether you're looking to buy 50 comments or 500, you it at Media Mister .
  • Is it safe to buy Likee comments?

    Absolutely! Media Mister operates 100% within Likee's terms and conditions. After all, our accounts are run by real people, which means you don't have to worry about bots or spammers. Protect your purchase and your account! Shop with Media Mister.
  • Why Media Mister?

    We are the ultimate source for paid likes, views, and shares. Not only do we have one of the best reputations in the business, but we offer our services at unbelievably affordable prices. In fact, we have tens of thousands of satisfied customers from site to site and continually outperform our competitors in terms of pricing, results, and followers. And if you find you need any help down the line, you can simply reach out to our live chat support.

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  • My experience with Media Mister has been nothing short of amazing. After buying an Likee comments package, I saw a huge jump in engagement on my posts. Before making my purchase, I asked the customer support many questions and they were very helpful in answering them.
  • I can recommend Media Mister to anyone looking for high-quality service in the social media world. Their speedy delivery of real comments to my account has enabled me to grow my Likee account without a large investment of time or money.
  • I've been using Media Mister for over a year. I'm constantly amazed at the quality and reach of their services. The customer team is great and they always go above and beyond when you need help with anything.
  • I decided to purchase Likee Comments from Media Mister. Then, I'm impressed by their reputation and speedy response to my questions. After making an order with them, the comments were delivered within a few days. Thank you!
  • I have purchased Likee comments from several different websites, but Media Mister provides the best service. They provide real comments and excellent customer support.
  • Media Mister is reliable and trustworthy. The website has never cancelled my order and all Likee comments they provide are from real people who are active users on Likee. I also like the website’s customer service team; they reply to my emails promptly.
  • I've always had good experiences ordering Likee comments from Media Mister. Every comment they provide is genuine, and none of them has ever dropped. I've never stopped ordering services from this website because I'm very satisfied with the results."
  • I have been a customer of Media Mister for a few months now. They are an amazing service and have quickly resolved any issues I have had. They provide quality Likee comments from original accounts, and my experience so far has been great!

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