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What is Instagram emoji comments?

Buy Instagram Emoji Comments

Instagram emoji comments are comments made using emoji and emojis alone. Please don't expect comments other than that using emojis. And emojis are more attractive anyway!

Who will make the comments?

The mix of real and inactive accounts will make the comments. As you can understand, you can't expect much of an organic engagement with these commenters. But these will be stepping stones to growing organic engagement in the future.

What will they say in the Instagram Emoji Comments?

Once you buy Instagram emoji comments from us, we'll unleash an army of Instagram account who'll head to your post and leave emoji based comments. As to what they'll say, it could be completely random. To be sure, it won't strike any conversation.

Will you require my account details to make the comments?

When you purchase emoji comments on Instagram from us, we'll require you to tell us the name of your account, and that's it. No account details, no password required.

How fast will the emoji comments be delivered?

Comments are more work than say likes or views. It requires time. Depending on the packages you choose, it can take anything between a couple of days to a week.

I have more questions to ask, who should I get in touch with?

You can reach out to us, in case you have more queries or any special requirement, by using the contact form of our site. We'll get someone to deal with your needs.

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Instagram Emoji Comments

Buy Instagram Emoji comments from Media Mister and get emoji comments on your Instagram pictures and videos. All the comments we deliver are real.
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